Gamification: Breeding and Missions and Synergy

I know NFT Avatars are just around the corner and I wanted to share some ideas I had on Breeding and synergy with the plot upgrades.
I think breeding is one of the major reasons why projects like Axie, DFK and Crabada are/were so successful.
So how I imagined breeding working with Mars would be that you can “Recruit” colonists based on the buildings that you currently have on your plot.

Base Station = Settler (could be Matt Damon)
Robot Building = Basic Robot (I imagine the Futurama robot)
Transport Building = Construction Worker (Big Tanky dude/chick)
Power Plant = Engineer (Doc Brown from back to the future?)

Then we could make there be a cooldown on recruiting for each building.

So now you would want to make other more classes with different abilities.
Settler + Engineer = Mechanic (healer type maybe for missions/dungeon crawls)
Settler + Construction worker = Archeologist (I’m thinking Indiana Jones here)
Settler + Robot = Butler Robot (Some inspirational chap and healer. like a paladin)
Engineer + Construction worker = Terraformer (could be Elon Musk since he always talks about nuking the polar ice caps on mars)
Engineer + Robot = HiLF (Hybrid integrated LifeForm) (Borg type dude or mecha-gnome)
Robot + Construction worker = Mars Marine (Bobby Draper from The Expanse)

Then we could breed these guys or just stop at 10. I’m obviously open to suggestions on all of this. Another idea would be to burn the original NFTs to make the new NFT. So your RIP to your Robot and Construction worker for the Mars Marine if we want to keep the NFT population down.

Building being upgraded becomes important because that the only way to make a rare nft into and epic one or a legendary one by having the NFT “train” at the level 2 or level 3 building.

And rewards from missions can be turned in for potential gear to burn onto the NFT toon.
So a common NFT would only have slots for chest, legs and weapon. The next level up could have 5 gear slots and level 3 upgraded nft could have 7. So you can only upgrade to a 7 slot toon from a plot with a level 3 on it. So the owners of plots with level 3 buildings can have a use case.

Those nft items to equip to your toon could also be sold on a marketplace. Commissions from sales can be burned/treasury/reflected back to plot owners.

Then with missions we could make them so that they require multiple classes to complete. So if you only have 2 of the required 5 you can set them to start and another Martian can fill out the roster with the missing 3. And the rewards for 5 man missions would be greater than those of solo missions. People could shout it out on the discord server that they need another mars marine for a mission. So that could make the game more social.

Other thoughts are that we have discovered traces of an alien civilization that had inhabited mars millions of years ago. So missions could be mining, archeology, terraforming, and fishing because why not.

Ancient alien civilization dig sites could be massive dungeon crawlers. Olympus Mons could end up being a “BlackRock Mountain” type area like in WoW.

We could introduce Mars Rovers as vehicles that help you complete missions faster or offer you a better chance at more rewards from the missions. Maybe we can team up with wenLambo and your lambo could be kitted out to be your Rover. Then you can also have space ships as well.

These were just some thoughts on adding value to CLNY and to the Level 2 and Level 3 buildings and to land owners. If you have it so that anyone can own the settler NFTs and go on missions and turn in rewards from those missions for gear and then sell that gear to other players or equip it then you have a thriving ecosystem and economy.


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