[Giveaway] 🛰️ 1 land plot on Mars Colony for your improvement proposal

Gm colonists.

I’m giving away 1 land plot to one good improvement proposal. Don’t hesitate to share your idea to win!

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Let’s collect as many brilliant ideas as we can :raised_hands:


3 connected ideas:

1.) I think there should be a mechanic with vehicles in which you would need to level it up to do things more quickly. For example you buy a rover with a certaqin amount of CLNY, then you need to gather resources + CLNY to level it up. First level since it is just a rover, when you travel for "quests or to “gather” resopurces, it will take 24 hours to complete. Next level for slightly more resources + CLNY is a hover craft, this will complete gathering quests in 12 hours. Level 3 is maybe a small spaceship it takes 6 hours, etc. Then you can add upgrades to the ship itself, like a warp drive, which again costs reosources and CLNY. You get the idea. Each of the upgrades takes resources and CLNY but allows you to do certain things or accumulate certain things faster. This system could be put in place on more than just transport, buildings, characters, etc. Ships would be unique, minted NFT and could be traded and sold on the market like plots, whatever upgrades you make will stay with the ship should you choose to sell or trade. Higher tier of ship would come standard with better or already fully upgraded parts and stats. Lower tier would require more grinding but would allow players to buy them cheaply and upgrade themselves over time.

2.) I think we need something of a “mechanical wear” or “breakage” mechanic. Especially if we are going to allow others to rent or use our land. I think over time, machines or robots would wear down or break, it would require resources to keep them up or fix them. Another idea is that every time you do a “quest” there is a small chance that your machinery will break. You can fix them yourself for a certain amount of resources, or you can take them to a “specialist” that will fix them for cheaper, or for a CLNY charge, no resources. This way, if you want to fix things yourself it will take longer, mining or gathering resources, or for a faster fix, then you can get it done faster but it will cost CLNY instead of reources because you are paying someone else to fix it. This takes me to idea number three “JOBS”.

3.) So Jobs or roles, are something you can take on as colonist. Say you want to be a chef, making food that will boost a characters mining stats, characters can come to you and buy food with CLNY. AS always you can make the food yourself, but it takes more resources and time, so you can always do these things wihtout paying someone CLNY but this is the shortcut that many will choose to take. Lets say you can choose to be a “Mechanic” well if your transport breaks then you will need to get it fixed and you can fix it yourself if you have the resources or you can take it to a mechanic and pay them CLNY directly to fix it. Each job level with come with a higher proficiency level. So say your rover breaks, if you take it to a level one mechanic, the transport would be fixed but would wear back down more quickly or have a higher chance of breakage. A level 4 mechanic would cost more but get it done more quickly and it would wear down much slower and have less chance to break after.

The job mechanic will tie into proximity which makes sense within the colony idea. So say you need a mechanic, and there is one 4 plots away and one that is 6 plots away. They 4 plot away one willl obviously be faster but more expensive. The 6 plots away one will be cheaper but be slower. The benefit of haviing multiple characters with multiple jobs is that when things break, you can fix them yourself for s small amount of resources immediately, instead of taking them to the closest fixer, for more resources and more time. Each plot you have to travel through to get where you are going will have a small CLNY fee, or a resource fee. As a land owner you would be able to customize what the cost is to travel through your plot. You can choose to make the cost a rare resource, in order to gain more of that resource, but you will be getting less people though your land since they most likely don’t want to pay that. Going around you will have to pay others something that they want, and it will take more time. You can always just make the charge a small amount of CLNY and it would bring you more travelers, because it is easily available.

You would be able to take on one job at a time, per character. So depending on how many jobs there are, this would encourage people to have multiple characters. You can change your job at any time, but the job system itself has levels so the more you do it, the longer you do it, the better you get, which will do your job faster, encouraging people to come to you over say your neighbor who is just a level 1. again, a level 2 does the job more quickly but it will cost more, level one does the job slower for less.

All of this would work together to be a usecase for resources and burn clny. It also gives players something to work toward. So even with a cheap character, you can grind your way to higher levels and take on jobs to boost production.

This could get more complex for sure but those are the main things I have been thinking about in how to gameify mars, allow entry to new players that don’t own land and give a steady use case for reources and upgrades that burn clny.

Characters and ships would have different tiers of rarity. Higher rarity will come with higher proficiency at jobs by default, which means less grinding to get higher. Those with lots of CLNY could buy these for a shortcut to gains. There would always be cheaper characters, that would allow anyone to get into the game, but it would take much longer to level up.

Love to hear your feedback on any of this or if any of it was something you were already considering!!

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With a game like this that seems to lean towards a sim type game, it will be very important to have cosmetic items for purchase and a secondary market where they can be bought and traded later. We will most likely need a secondary, more abundant in-game currency that can be earned more easily by players that do not own land. This could be earned in various ways, but can then be spent at the shops to buy NFT cosmetic items for land, ships and their character. For instance you could buy different kinds of plants or trees for your house or yard, artwork for your walls, fuzzy dice for your transport, seasonal items like limited run jackolanterns around halloween time, or christmas stockings around the holidays.

People will want to customize their character and surroundings and it is a HUGE part of why people play games like this. Furniture and decoration type items could be minted in small batches, then later on they could be traded or sold in the secondary market by the players. For instance, maybe I just started playing the game and I missed last years Halloween event where players all won a pumpkin from doing a quest, or some other in-game way. Well a few people are now selling those pumpkins in the market and I can use the currency I have earned in game to buy it. Games like Animal crossing and stardew valley come to mind. It is all about being able to customize your space and having a LOT of different options and ways to spend your currency, whether that be CLNY that is burned or resources that can be traded for another currency.

Less than 24 hours left to participate in the contest! Share your best idea to improve Mars Colony, and win the land plot :rocket:

Hello everyone, I offer you an idea not only for the Whales, but also for the low-income (hamsters)…

The idea is that at the end of each month, on the next day, for storing tokens on the game account (NO IN METAMASK) for the total balance of the amount of CLNY, the owner receives a share (%).

This has nothing to do with the Liquidity Pool, but for this users will receive (for example) Holders %CLNY

Liquidity pool - freeze investments.

Holders %CLNY - gives freedom to all users and the choice between the liquidity pool and Holders %CLNY.

For example: a person has 100 CLNY at the end of December. For keeping tokens on the balance https://app.marscolony.io
Every first day of a new month will accrue a percentage for tokens that are simply on the site)

  • If a person has not pressed the Claim button, then the% will not be credited to him.

  • Or The owner (user) will receive only% when he has “NOT CLAIM” coins and they are mined with his own bases !!!

  • If a person has already deposited CLNY into the Liquidity Pool, then no % is accrued to him.

For instance:

  • Take 3% per month.

100 CLNY + 3% = 103 Reward +3 CLNY

1000 CLNY + 3% = 1030 Reward +30 CLNY

What will it give?
Turnover + storage + interest of the game (bonus)…

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Not really a game idea, just a small suggestion, in case it hasn’t been mentioned before.
What do you think about also including the social icons (specially discord) somewhere on top of both the landing page and the actual app page?
Just noticed someone on discord was mentioning it was pretty hard to find a link to the server, and I have to agree. Personally, I didn’t even think there was a discord server after only seeing the “Telegram” link on the nav bar.
The community is quite a nice one, so it would be a shame if someone missed it out.

Also adding this as a post, in hope of some better visibility.