Harmony to Avalanche Migration

Aa I am sure everyone is aware at this point, Harmony is in a battle for it’s relevance and potentially it’s existence with this ongoing depeg situation relating to the Horizon Bridge hack. As it stands currently, the only solution in affect will take years to restore the peg and use investor(community) assets to achieve this. Because of this, a large portion of our potential market is refusing to invest into any project on this chain, let alone purchase any actual ONE while the depeg remains unsolved(I know I’m not).

This brings us to the main proposal: MarsColony journey to Avalanche. This journey would take the form of an airdrop or bridge to essentially transport MC-Harmony to a new home on Avalanche. This would bring new life back to the game as current investors would be willing to engage and reinvest again without the worry of asset devaluation at Harmony and the depeg. Also, it would bring the project to significantly greener pastures in regards to a new thriving community of investment.

This journey would maintain the project ethos of being cross-chain except now, it would be Avalanche-Polygon instead of Harmony-Polygon. Current ownership, progression, and structure would be preserved while bringing the project to a significantly better opportunity for engagement and financial success.

I hope Harmony succeeds in the future and becomes a potential place to expand back but, I truly believe bringing the Harmony version of this project to Avalanche is the best short-term solution to our current engagement and financial concerns. Thank you all for reading.


bridgeable assets to avax
new world where gen 1s are minted by paying hCLNY to treasury(and/or burn) and required to have a gen 0 (Harmony first, Polygon after)
gen 1s live on a planet similar to earth, this is the entrance for more players at a lower price
missions are much simpler, but gain little to nothing in rewards and exp (maybe aCLNY with different tokenomics) until their level is much higher and cross chain to do harmony/polygon missions
buy pressure for Harmony and Polygon assets
opens doors for low cost assets for newcomers who want to just try MarsColony
expand from there


I couldn’t agree more. Right now as much as we know Harmony is on a hard path to recovery. Given the community sentiment, it’s likely not going to make it. But just like you said it, if Harmony succeeds in the meantime, MarsColony can go back in the form of another planet.
I’m also hoping that a new chain would give back life to the Harmony planet, both in terms of user activity, new users and possible new collaborations and investments.

What do people from the dev team think about it?



Hey guys, @undervalued , @andi @Carrot
I really appreciate you being active and supporting this project.

However, there are limitations and risk that we are going to face if we are to launch on Avax:

  • Dev efforts needed to launch on new chain are significant (I can further elaborate on this), and it would make more sense to focus other improvement that would bring positive effect to MC economy (modifying game balances, rewards for instance);

  • Churn. Not all users will migrate to AVAX and hence we’re going to have a certain % of churn.

  • New user acquisition might be an issue. Current market sentiments are not the most promising. There’s always a risk that we will not be able to attain new users, which will result in rising sell pressure of CLNy token and ending up in the same situation as Harmony or Polygon.

  • Lastly, the liquidity concern. Our current aim is to survive the winter, preserving the project and community. At this point in time, we cannot take more risks, unless there’s high chance of success or at least giving us zero loss (e.g. use grant money as budget for development and marketing on new chain). With that in mind, I’ll reach out to AVAX to inquire about possible grants and growth initiatives we can run with them if we were to launch on Avalanche.

Lets’ keep this conversation open.


I like that everyone has passion for the project. But I feel we may be jumping the ONERUN the industry as whole is hurting. Harmony may have had their hiccups and a lot of it is self inflicted but the way they moving now is a good direction. I like this MarColony project and I want to see it succeed. I like their vision. I would like to see it on multiple chains. Maybe as a community let’s get together and brainstorm. How can we collectively see marscolony thrive ?

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Who can I talk to in a virtual forum to brainstorm with.


I like the idea of migrating from Harmony to Avalanche. I’m in another project that did the same a few months back. I hope Harmony succeeds, but I’d rather ensure the success of the Mars Colony than wait and hope.

I agree with your point of risk and first ensure the success of the project. Though I do, when the time is appropriate, hope that we can migrate to Avalanche. I and others have a lot of money invested in the Harmony Mars Colony project, and I’d prefer not to lose that investment.

I believe in this project and would like for it to succeed, and I’d like to be a part of that success and not miss it because of Harmony.

I hope everyone is doing well and weathering this horrible market condition

I have been working on lots of ideas as part of the MC CoP Guild but would love to hear what you are thinking. DM me here or hit me up on discord and we can chat.