Hello My Fellow Martians

Hello Martians

Some of you already may know me, I’m PixiMan NFT artist and working on all related to NFT.
Whole I’m working on my new collection and collaboration with other artists,I’m also
helping new artists and give them full support needed for start.

Now its time for me to travel to Mars and settle down there,I was always space lover and I’m finally here on Mars.

I will be here for you to help you with anything you need to, and make sure every Martian is happy and get support needed.

We have beautiful community and we want to make sure every one is happy and have all he needs to Colonies on Mars.

But I will newer DM you first If you need anything please get in tach with me first.
I’m always happy to help,and here for you.

Looking forward to see you all there.


Congrats man! I appriciate your work within the community too

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Looking forward to see all the art and grab some dope NFTs also don’t know if you did the header image looks cool!,

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You do amazing work, community is lucky to have you

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