Help the project

Hello Community & Team.
First of all, congrats on such a project. It looks great.
Wouldn’t be nice to create a Category just for free help?
I’m confident about having the community help each other.
How to play, how to earn, how to configure.
Sometimes, Telegram, Discord can be overwhelming for a lot of people.
Also, I’m part of a Spanish community that would love to have a group in that language. The second talk on the Internet. More than 300 MM potential people talks in that language. If you need translation or help around this I’m pretty sure that the community will help. Like building an excel with that language to be played, messages, etc…


Hey @exhamster welcome on board!

MarsColony is a community-driven project, so feel free to find the best place for you, contribute, participate earn together with us :slight_smile:

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Hello! I want to enter with Metamask on phone, but I see onle “loading” and can"t enter! What is problem! I want to use Metamask on phone! Can you explain me?

Hi! We don’t know yet, but are aware and currently testing metamask. It works on some phones and doesn’t work on other, we are still trying to locate a problem

And I see when I enter to on MetaMask browser on phone, everything is working, but doesn’t work in safari or another browser on phone. I only see “loading”

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