Here are some IRL-like activities we’d love on Mars

  1. MarsVegas: A casino where users can gamble to win different things (not limited to $CLNY) using their $CLNY and every $CLNY used to buy tickets and stuff like that gets burned to reduce $CLNY supply or it could go into a vault. This doesn’t have to be every day, it could be an event that happens once or twice a week.

  2. MarsShips: Users can buy spaceships for their various lands. Spaceships can be unlimited but a user can only own 2 spaceships irrespective of how many plots of land. Owning a spaceship will increase the reputation of your land which makes it worth more.

  • Spaceships can be upgraded/leveled-up using $CLNY which will also increase the land’s reputation.

  • Spaceships can be attacked using $CLNY which will reduce the reputation of the attacked spaceship if they lose and increase the reputation of the attacker if they win.

  • If a spaceship is attacked and completely destroyed, a new one can be purchased using $CLNY but it will be a level 1 spaceship. It will have to be upgraded again.

  • Users can attack other spaceships only twice or thrice a day.

  • Every week, the top 10 spaceships get rewarded. Rewards could be anything. It could be land resources, weapons for NFT characters, $ONE etc

All of this can be called Colony Wars

  1. MarsChella: An actual IRL event but you’ll need to own a spaceship to attend.

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Colony Wars! And casino! I’m down!