Hey there, brothers and sisters

You can call me @brother.

I’m a friend of @father. We met fighting in the same revolution back on Earth, what feels like ages ago. The details don’t matter anymore. It’s a lost cause.

@father contacted me recently, asking for help. I saw him off when he originally left for Mars, wishing him well but having too many problems of my own to deal with to join his expedition. Now the colonies are growing, and we need more hands.

I’ve been living off-planet for years now. I left way before Earth became what it is today. Back then, I was from California.

I miss the ocean.

Anyway, I’m here now, and we’ve got oceans of our own to cultivate. It seems like most of you are native English speakers, so for now it will be helpful for me to lead logistical communications. That said, I’m sure it won’t be long before colonies develop with other primary languages, maybe even some developed specifically for Mars. We’re not the oppressive kind of colonists, after all. We’re here to introduce life and beauty to the galaxy, not destroy life that already existed.

But, I digress.

Life on Mars can get lonely if you’re not careful, so I want you to know I’m here for you.

If you need anything, send me a message here, and I’ll do my best to help. I’ll be on Discord somewhat as well, with the username Jeus#1157, a name I’m called elsewhere in the galaxy. If you send me a friend request there, I might not accept it, please don’t take that personally. It’s for keeping my comms uncluttered, as I expect hundreds of thousands of fellow Martians in the near future, and perhaps further planetary colonization movements which expand that number even more. For mass comms, I’ll also be on Twitter here.

So you’re prepared, please understand I won’t be on-planet all the time. I have a calling that takes me to space frequently. But, you can always contact me, and I will help you to the best of my ability. I’ll also work on preparing documentation that will help you and future colonists, like tutorials, plot development ideas, etc.

Basically, you can think of me as your big brother in this colony, if that doesn’t sound too cultish. I wish I didn’t have to clarify, but since the phrase “big brother” had certain connotations on earth, take note:

I am anti-surveillance, and anti-centralized-government. In the galaxy, we’ve moved away from the abusive systems that make an oppressive “big brother” possible.

Oh, and one more thing:

I think it’s safe to assume you’re new to the galaxy, since you were on the first evac shuttle from Earth to Mars, with more to come.

You’re free to develop your own comms in your colonies, but as a galactic standard, we use the peace sign unironically, to convey casual goodwill. Honestly, in space, everything is casual. When you can die in an instant with the slightest mistake, posturing feels stupid. If you want more emphasis, you can add the greeting, "Forward " (for hello and goodbye). I think sometime in the past it was short for some longer phrase, but that’s faded out of usage at this point.

Just like I’ll help you get acclimated and learn the customs, be a good Martian and help teach those who come after you.




Hello the friend of father - big brother! Glad you’ve joined us! :slight_smile:


big brother is always watching


Welcome to the community sir!

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Not on my watch.

It’s rule by the people on Mars.


Hi brother, link to your twitter is not working.


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Forward :v::sunglasses:. Thanks for posting.

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@brother Glad you’re here my friend. Funny enough I was just about to suggest some grammatical edits so it looks like you’ve arrived at the right time. Still, I’m happy to assist, not just with the English but in general.

Also, on Earth I was a freedom-loving Libertarian and will continue to promote the ideals of voluntarism on Mars.


Thanks @andi. Just fixed it :v:

Thanks, @Rutherford.

I’m the only native English speaker on @father’s team so far, so I’ll do my best to edit team comms to be decipherable, but I sure won’t be able to get to all of it. I’m always reachable, so feel free to tag me if an announcement that didn’t come from me is lacking clarity.

I won’t associate myself with an Earthen political movement, I hope you understand, but suffice it to say I hold both individual liberty and community cooperation/governance as core tenets of operation.

All of us on what could be considered the “core team” see our roles as Guides in this interplanetary experiment. Of course for logistical purposes, initially, we’ll need to retain some degree of authority in decision-making, but I expect the community here to hold us accountable if we take it too far. As somewhat of an outsider to the original project, I consider this one of my roles as well.


Welcome to the comminety Ser! :pinched_fingers:

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Welcome Brother, thanks for being apart of the coolest NFT game/family :muscle::rocket::alien:

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Welcome, brother✌️
Your stay here means a lot to us!

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Glad to have you on board brother and I like your writing style !

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Glad to have you! Will you be more active on discord vs forum or telegram? @brother

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Nice to meet you, brother.

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I’ll do my best to be active everywhere, but I’ll definitely be most reachable here on the forum. Discord moves so quickly, I won’t be able to catch every conversation.

Indeed it does. Thanks very much

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Hey @brother! Wellcome in the family! Love your intro :heart:


welcome brother on this amazing journey we are all on!