How to add liquidity (or migrate from SushiSwap)

The process of migrating your liquidity from SushiSwap to the Mars Colony app is simple! (If you don’t have any staked in Sushi, skip to step 3).

Step 1: Unstake your SLP

In the Mars Colony DEX, tap the Mining tap in the header menu to visit the staking page:

If you have SLP, an unstake button will be present in the SushiSwap section. Simply tap “Unstake” and confirm the transaction. Let it process the transaction.

Step 2: Swap your unstaked SLP for CLNY and ONE

With SLP in your Wallet, head to and follow the app’s instructions to withdraw your stake.

Step 3: Click “Add Liquidity” in the MC DEX

Head to the MarsColony DEX and tap “Pool” in the header menu and tap “Add liquidity”.

Make sure your wallet is connected to the site.

Step 4: Select the pair and amount you want to add

Liquidity is currently not single-sided, so you’ll need to add equal amounts of both tokens (which can be traded in the MC DEX if you don’t have the right balance).

Step 5: Stake your CLP

When you provide liquidity, you’ll receive CLP tokens representing your share. However, you won’t start earning until you stake those tokens.

To do so, head back to the mining page by clicking the linked text or tapping “mining” from the DEX dashboard and tap “Approve CLP”.

Once you approve the transaction, you’ll start earning. You can unstake from the same mining page with the “unstake” button that will appear. You will then need to head back to the pool and withdraw your liquidity provision.

Note: The updated rewards are reflected in the mining page. Be aware that liquidity rewards for SushiSwap have dropped to be dedicated to staking in the DEX instead.