Idea - make upgrade fees dynamic

Hey, I came up to one idea and for now just want to discuss it with the community

Currently there are fixed prices for enhancements - for example 30 clny for building a base station, etc.

But the clny price is dynamic, land price is dynamic too (I mean secondary markets). So I have several ideas about dynamic upgrade fees to think about.

Firstly if we unclue the price from a fixed constant, the starting value shouldn’t be changed. Then, I think that the fee changing should be slow enough over time. So if we change it, 30 clny will be 30 clny, but could slowly change.

And here are some ideas

1. Live auction

More people build and upgrade - fee slowly goes up. Less interest in upgrading - fee slowly goes down. This option looks very interesting to me, but I’d like to hear your opinions. Actually this can boost interest in upgrading and make the fee fair for any market conditions

2. Other currencies

We can stick the fee to value in ONE, USD, or use a more complex formula with CLNY, ONE and USD parts. Can this make market more stable? I don’t know yet, we can discuss

3. Other factors

What also can affect the upgrading fees?


Definitely a supporter for option 1. I maxed out all my plots on lvl 1 upgrades and lvl 2 and higher upgrades are currently not attractive enough, because of the high price.

It would be good to look at this in general: the current Mars Colony on Harmony models is that future upgrades are more expensive per additional revenue gained, as opposed to upgrade models like that of WenLambo, that decrease in price per additional revenue gained.

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Thank you. Shall every upgrade price be independent in your opinion? To make the model more flexible. I thought about a common multiplier

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Hey :wave:t2:

1. Live auction
It’s an interesting idea. Just like the @ElRompeColchon said, most of us stopped upgrading at lvl. 1 or lvl. 2. Price reduction due to the inactivity would certainly increase the interest to upgrade, especially if there’s a plan how each lvl of building is going to benefit the Architect.
On the other side, I think most of the upgrades were done at the beginning/mid phase of the project, right? That was the period when the prices were the biggest. So I’m not sure how would that work out looking from that perspective. Increasing the upgrade price, when the price of the asses is dramatically increasing. That makes problem to those who would additionally invest the cash. If you’re the Architect it would only take more time.
Interesting idea, for sure.

2. Other currencies
I just wouldn’t go with this one. It’s best to keep $CLNY the only currency with which one can buy stuff on MC. Also I would include the potential stable coin that would bond the MC Metaverse. @father talked about this one.
Maybe, but maybe, we can add an option to buy stuff with insert_coin_name if they are bringing a huge investment or partnership into the space :smiley:
I wouldn’t


Yes, I think that makes sense. A dynamic price per upgrade level, tied to demand, with some sort of market making algorithm behind it, supporting whatever goal the community wants, such as CLNY price. That would be some next level stuff IMO. Especially if it supersedes just building upgrades and is applied to all upgrades in the game that influence CLNY production.

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I would say that price should not definetely fall below current value, so that already upgraded ppl, early adopters, won’t feel cheated.

Upgrade price should only go up. I was thinking that we could set the minimul CLNY price in ONE, and if CLNY goes below this value upgrades should become more expensive, with the following good effects:

  • More CLNY to burn – less CLNY to sell, reduced sell pressure
  • Incentive to buy CLNY at low price AND hold to get cheap upgrades if the CLNY price goes up in the future – incentivize “buy and hold”
  • It will at the same protect from cheap instant upgrades then CLNY price is low – protects from upgrades deflation, one could easily but a lot of CLNY and upgrade plots

The suggested formula is k = sqrt((n*ONE)/CLNY)
where n*ONE is some borderline price we think is fair to set at desired CLNY price. I think n shoud be in 1-10 range.

Example 1. Let’s say n is 1. Then for current price of CLNY = 0.427 ONE, the k is
sqrt(1*(1/0.427)) ~= 1.53, and upgrade for L1 would be 120*1.53 = 183.6.
Example 2: If the price of CLNY falls to 0.1 of ONE, then k would be approx. 3.162.

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But there is a problem in low interest if we only increase. Decreasing can stimulate interest organically and set the real price

Formulas are interesting, thank you


I agree with you. If we are going to make the price non-static it should move in both directions for sure. The question shouldn’t be what would people who were upgrading early think if it is good for the Mars economy. We shouldn’t make a capitalist regime where only the people who came first and invested a lot should earn, and who cares for others.
I am saying that as someone who bought land from the first day, and I am balls deep into the Mars. But that doesn’t mean I should only think what should be good for me, short term. We should think what is going to be good for the project, to get more people in, to get more people to interact. That way is the healthy way of thinking, and with it comes the long term benefit both for the early and the new investors.