Ideas for Mars program

Ideas for Mars program
We are the landlord. The landlord can produce CLNY and equip NFT.
Martians can be infinite
Martians need to spend CLNY on tools and jobs to make money.
mining resources. Sell ​​resources to landlords.
The landlord produces device NFTs or weapons.
Martians buy better equipment. Find better resources.
War on Mars. Defend against alien monsters.
Only Martians are infinite. Only in this way can there be a steady stream of newcomers.
This way, our early landlords can continue to have a steady stream of income.

Enter the age of lords

Landlord Guild
Guild Wars.
Stimulate the production of increasingly powerful weapons and robots.
Recruit more Martians. Guild Ranking gets Mars Tax.
5-10% tax on the entire Mars trading resources, equipment, weapons, NFTs.

My English is not very good. Use translation software. for reference


Thank you, @lester_lo8 .

Will definitely consider your ideas.


Greetings! If there is land, then there must be some kind of NFT to improve this land. What is Mars? is a dead planet. What needs to be done with Mars? - to colonize it, i.e. turn into a blooming garden. Therefore, there can be nft with trees, vegetable beds, lakes. Or is it just mining? - nft with gold, crystals, metals …


There is a forum in the colony of Mars, where all NFT landlords can come here to discuss, share and offer their own suggestions, and work together to build a steady stream of ideas for this project. I think this forum is a truly decentralized organization. Now I have to visit the forum every day and find that there are more and more posts and replies in the forum, which shows that more and more people are paying attention to this project. I am so happy that I am now a faithful believer in this project! Come on, come on.

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Mars Project

CLNY will become an important element

Create Mars Coins (must use CLNY to buy)

The game contains upper, middle and lower players
Rich players buy land and become lords
Middle class players buy Glove Factory. Miner Factory. Weapon Factory. Nutrition Factory. Battle Command Factory. Potion Factory. Or more
Players who are not wealthy can play Martians (cultivating seaweed people. Miners. Apothecaries. Soldiers. Generals) or more
To play, you need to purchase the corresponding NFT
To cultivate seaweed people, you need to purchase factory production gloves (consumables)
Miners need to purchase Mineral Source Collector (Consumable)
Pharmacists need to buy a pharmacy blender (consumable)
Soldiers need to buy laser weapons (consumables)
Generals need to buy Battle Commanders (consumables)
Therefore, players need to buy nutrients to supplement their physical strength every day to work.
Nutrition plants need to buy seaweed to produce
Factories and weapons factories. Combat directors require individual special mines to produce
Lords need to hire soldiers and generals to defend against monster invasions and guild wars
Monster invasion affects CLNY and rental income. Guild wars can get Mars tax
Soldier generals need to buy potions to defend against monsters
All factories weapon factory, nutrition factory, battle director factory, potion factory need to pay rent to the lord
All factories produce all weapons and tools and nutrients need corresponding materials and add a small amount of CLNY
Lord players need to upgrade (foundation, transportation, electricity) to rent out land to build factories. Robot factories (war use. Represents combat power)
The factory also needs to be upgraded to produce more products
All transactions are subject to 3-5% tax (for guild warfare)
All income is locked for 2 weeks or 1 month (because it’s salary). Please ban player bots!

Create a consumption cycle

Company revenue. All production plant NFTs (ONE and CLNY). All NFTs that create Martians. And banks
When the lord upgrades and completes the leased land, there will be a bank to move in. Create Mars coins

I hope the price of creating a Martian NFT is $1. This will allow more people to play the game.
With 1 wallet you can create 1 Martian or 1000 Martians. 1 Martian does one job. 1000 Martians do 1000 jobs.
All consumption and income need to be calculated by economists
My ability can only provide the frame
My English is not good. Use translation software
Provide reference. Make the community better.

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