Ideas from other successful games…

Just some info about DFK plans to keep in mind as we try to achieve similar levels of success:

DFK business development AMA highlights:

  1. Streamlined/expedited fiat on-ramping
  2. Expansion token(Crystal) supply will be the equivalent of 1/4 total Jewel fixed supply
  3. Heroes continue to be standard mode of interacting with game; the expansion just provides two more classes to chose from
  4. Each expansion will have a separate bank
  5. Intentionally developing core game and dlc to not have a clear function with highest rate of return and instead it will depend on player engagement in different aspects of the game(what is meta)
  6. Parallel focus on dex/fi operations and game dev for growing continued engagement and returns.

I apologize if any of these ideas aren’t currently relevant I just want to make sure the right eyes get as much info as they can. Thanks!