Made a simple google sheet to help with calculating the current market value of Mars Plots

Hi everyone! I made this simple resource to help calculate the value of the different levels of CLNY producing Mars Colony plots, based on current market conditions.

This resource/tool is useful if you ever found yourself stuck trying to figure out if upgrading a 1-CLNY plot with CLNY was cheaper, or whether to buy an already upgraded plot of NFTkey.

it’s a simple sheet, key in three figures:

  1. floor price of 1-CLNY plots (in ONE)
  2. price of CLNY
    and 3) price of ONE

It’ll then churn out the cost of the various plots in terms of ONE if you decide to upgrade using CLNY, so you know whether it’s cheaper to buy the plot off NFTkey, or to buy a 1-CLNY plot and buy CLNY to upgrade to the level you desire~

Hope ya’ll find it useful!


Cheers very handy :grinning:

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