Mars Colony Land Utility Proposal

I would like to propose a potential route that mars colony will be able to proceed with its land utility and game mechanics for the future. This proposal seeks to keep the plot’s value and prevent many individuals from listing their plots below the price floor on the NFT marketplace. Here it is:

  1. Mars will be split up into many large sections in which people in those lands are part of a guild and they have to participate in upgrading and making decisions for that guild

  2. Each plot in the region get 1 vote for what the guild does such as which regions they should battle or ally with.

  3. This setup will translate to the NFT marketplace because people would be willing to pay different prices in order to be apart of different guilds which would in turn prevents many people from listing plots under price floor at once and keeping the overall land value in the long term.

  4. Winners of wars get better rewards

Think of this proposal as sort of Ashes of Creation game concept meets Mars. If you have any other suggestions, do tell.


Support :raised_hands:
We also need more land utility


That sounds like a fantastic idea! CC @eugenefinch


I love this! Such a great idea. Need a way to eliminate paperhands

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As discussed on Discord on 19th January, I would add the following to that:

If people in the same guild have plots that are adjacent to each other, there will be a small production bonus on those plots.

The background was a discussion on whether adjacent plots should get a production bonus. This would benefit whales who own many adjacent plots or people who bought adjacent plots on the off chance.
However, many people have assumed that the plots are equal, as has been said by the devs.