Mars Community Moderators and Rules

Thanks to everyone who volunteered for community moderator roles! This post is to announce everyone who volunteered, and a list of rules I am proposing.

This is not a final decision. Please review the list, and let me know if I’ve missed any who volunteered, or if you’d like to volunteer, or if you think any rules should be added or removed from this list.

Then, on Monday, I will create polls to confirm each mod and each rule. Once the community has voted, confirmed mods will be granted mod access, and the rules will go in effect.

Proposed moderators (shortlist)

This is for the Discord, since we have Rose in the Telegram (and one day I’d like to see Telegram die). However, if you want to be a Telegram mod, say so in the comments.

I know I missed a couple of you, in the craziness of the past week. If I missed you, or included you and you don’t want to be included, let me know in the comments.


Proposed community rules

This is roughly a three-strike system, but as we won’t be actually tracking “strikes”, bans ultimately the prerogative of mods. Mods should give chances and be gracious, and use the mighty Ban Hammer as sparingly as possible. There is only one zero-tolerance instaban offense, detailed below.

  1. No nudity/NSFW

  2. No politics. A one-off (relevant, thoughtful) comment is fine, but that risks starting an argument, so do so wisely

  3. No hate speech, racial slurs, or suggestions of self-harm

  4. No price discussions outside of the #price-discussions channel

  5. #general means general topics relating to MC specifically. This isn’t super strict, but if you’re starting an off-topic conversation and it starts to drag on, move it to #off-topic


  7. Do NOT DM @jeus asking for feet pics

  8. ^Unless you’re willing to pay good money

  9. Be kind, do your best to not take disagreements personally

  10. No spammy promotion. If you’re an artist or have a hobby, however, feel free to share the shit out of that and we will shower you with support <3

  11. If you take issue with the actions of a mod, ask them why they did it (politely). If you’re still not satisfied, DM me (@jeus)

  12. Instaban: NO encouraging suicide

Scenario: What if mods disagree about the action one mod takes?

I will serve as a tie-breaker vote if an action is really in contention. Usually, mods should be able to figure this out amongst themselves, and most actions won’t even need to be discussed. Mods will just act, and if another mod takes issue, they can discuss it. If they can’t agree, they’ll come to me (@jeus).

Proposed mod rules

  1. Moderate as sparingly as possible. This isn’t a job, you’ve just been trusted with the power to make decisions. So if someone is causing trouble in a way that’s against the rules, feel free to restore some order, but your role is not to control communication, but to manage chaos/harm

  2. Do not moderate someone just because you don’t like or agree with what they’re saying. There are times where people are assholes and I don’t like it, but I won’t delete their messages or put them in time-out

  3. Give issues time to resolve themselves. Begin by reminding a person of the rules, and if you can’t seem to get them back on track, escalate action accordingly

  4. Don’t stress. If you’re not up to moderating at any given moment, don’t. If you need support tag another mod, and, if it’s really bad, me. Which brings me to the final point:

  5. Have each others’ backs. We’re all in this together :v:

And that’s that, for now. Suggest rules or mods you think should be added, and then after the weekend we’ll put it to a vote and implement.

Forward :v:,



That’s a good thing!
I have only one wish: please consider to have one or two mods per general time zone!
If there are to few for europe I can give you a hand



Someone had failed just before he started


I completely agree with your sentiment regarding Telegram, the environment easily becomes extremely toxic. A heavy handed Mod is actually necessary there. An official channel/group is a representation of the project in many ppls pov. Tread carefully.

-Forward :v:

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Hello guys. I’m fairly active on telegram. Since I’m an validator in harmony network as well and most of my base is run on telegram. I would like to nominate myself as candidate to be a mod on telegram if needed. Thank you.

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Probably remove this!??

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No mods. I thought this was the peoples free planet of mars. Frontiers are no place for the soft.

I can tell you that this is a part of brother’s humor and his comment should not be taken seriously. I’m sure he meant no offense


I didn’t come to play censored whiney crybaby colonies, I get to live that in real life every day.
Don’t kill the spirit of the game before it has even started.

I’ll be a mod on telegram or any app if you don’t get enough volunteers, I am extremely close to several crypto teams and leaders and I know the rules…

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@davidcharleswo2, @Hermes

Haha please don’t think I’m serious, I’m just joking. It’s just that discord is far superior to Telegram in every way, and Telegram is 90% spam bots these days.

Definitely meant no offense, I apologize. The community on Discord is more familiar with my dumbassery, I should have considered the audience. I’ll leave the comment up though, so as not to scrub history, and instead will let these comments clarify.

Forward :v:


Yes, I like your idea
All time zones should be covered