Mars Metaverse Proposal

Mars Metaverse Proposal


Sep-Oct 2021

Foundation steps for Metaverse on Mars.

Twenty-one thousand of unique land pieces will become available for claiming as NFT.

  • NFTs are claimable on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Each land piece will cost 0.67 BNB (~$240)
  • Each piece is a unique pass to the game indicates that the holder of it owns a land asset in Mars metaverse
  • Land NFT can import any avatar or artwork they purchased outside of Mars Metaverse and connect it with their land NFT.

Nov - Dec 2021

  • Launch Utility and governance token
  • Utility token acts as in-game currency, allowing users to buy NFTs in the game and earn them.
  • Governance token will be launched and granted to Metaverse owners utilizing staking their land NFTs.

Feb-March 2022

  • Governance Launch
  • V1 version of the game is launched.

April - May

  • Upgraded gameplay
  • External players are allowed to join a game and rent pieces of land from existing players.

Mars Metaverse Gameplay
Cyberpunk world controlled by a future civilization of Martians combating against Earthers.
A conflict that started as the result of a discovery of a highly scarce resource found in one of the Martian settlements. Earthers, wanted to take control over the resource, and attacked Martian settlements. But Martians fought back.

Not only they fought back, but also they were able to take over a few unclaimed lands in the territory of Mars and made their base stations.

Failed attempt didn’t stop Earthers. In opposite, they declared war on Martians and start growing the army of surrogates in an enormous quantity.

Game Economics

  • Daily bonuses
  • Daily challenges (Rover speed rides, the surrogate fights, resource hunting)
  • Breeding surrogates, building rovers, base stations

Value creation

  • Buy Land to build rovers, buildings, surrogate base;
  • Breed surrogates - spend utility token
  • Build a rovers/buildings - spend utility token
  • Stake utility token and earn
  • Upgrade surrogates/rovers by receiving points for winning challenges

Value consumption:

  • Sell, and re-sell Land
  • Sell surrogates and Rovers on marketplace - the higher ranked the asset is, the higher the demand and the price
  • Take part in daily challenges (Rover rides, Battle with surrogates) and earn utility token
  • Buy utility token for building, breeding;

@father @MEMOLOGICAL_EXPEDITI let me know your feedback.

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I think it’s a good beginning ! Lest push this forward!

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Sounds good. Let’s get some feedback from community too