MarsColony and Planet IX Education Tournament Results

Hello, everyone who has reached this step in the Educational Tournament between MarsColony and Planet IX; this is excellent news to start your journey to colonize new planets!

First, we congratulate the winners who won 5 Planet IX Starter Packs and 5 MarsColony Land Plots.

Planet IX Starter Packs

MarsColony Land Plots

But what is happening with the 500 avatars that MarsColony promised to the most active tournament participants?

Click this dropdown instruction to learn more about Avatars Destribution

500 Avatars already dropped to active attendees, and let’s talk about how to use them and check who’s won them first.

500 Avatars Winners

Perhaps you asking now how you can check who has won the Avatar?

It’s straightforward; all that you need is to connect your MetaMask wallet to the MarsColony Polygon app (choose Polygon network) and visit the Avatar Storage(Mars Colony App) to check is appeared here a new Avatar or not.


First, I want to say a few words about the avatars you can get.

So what’s so special about avatars?

To perform missions on Mars, you will need an avatar; it’s like a piece of the whole mechanism, which accomplishes consistent work to develop a colony. The rewards for missions are avatar XP, CLNY tokens, and Utility Crates. By completing missions, you will gain XP (experience points), which can be used to raise your Avatar’s level. Levels, as well as avatar rarity, will have perks.

While your Avatar’s level is determined by how much you play, your Avatar’s rank is one of three top average rarity scores:

Common, called “Cadet,” approximately 89% of avatars
Rare, called “Explorer,” approximately 10% of avatars
Legendary, called “Atlas,” approximately 1% of avatars

But remember, your rank is not essential if you do not level up because the most important indicator is your contribution.


As I said before, your contribution it’s the direction where the colony going toward survival; and for these actions, we have 3 ways how to gain the performance of MarsColony.

The rewards for missions are avatar XP, CLNY tokens, and Utility Crates.

Coding challenge and Message decryption- first 2 missions that were released in the marscolony app.

Coding challenge - it’s a simple idle mission where you just need to start the mission, wait till the timer expires, and collect your rewards.

Decrypt mission

(or message decryption) - In this mission, you will need to find and guess a word on the screen full of letters. To do so you will need to hover the mouse over these letters and find words, you will have 4 attempts to guess the right word, and each time you chose the wrong word you’ll get clues about how many letters in this word are standing on the same spots as in the correct word. (To learn more about decrypt mission you can visit this page)

Mining Mission

is a turn-based strategy where you will need to find and mine resources (as many as you can) and escape the map before you ran out of moves. It really lots of fun so for more detail explanation please visit this page)

So Martians, are you ready to lead these missions and contribute to the colony’s development? Visit our app and look around, I’m sure you will find so many perfect stuff.

Click here - Mars Colony App

In its turn, Planet IX has prepared super cool stuff for all MarsColony Polygon NFT Holders.

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Thanks to this Interplanetary Partnership, all MarsColony Polygon NFT Holders get a chance to become a part of Planet IX ecosystem and mint starter NFT Pack for free.

About Planet IX Gameplay:

With a virtual copy of planet earth as your arena, your goal is to restore the planet and develop it to ensure a future for mankind.

You do it by collecting virtual pieces of land called PIX. The goal of the game is to collect and trade PIX from other players to form Territories, which then can be staked in our staking contract where you can earn IXT Tokens.

Each PIX is normally traded somewhere between ~1-5 IXT, but everything depends on the deal you make with other players.

About Claim Rewards:

MarsColony Polygon NFT Holders will receive an Anniversary Pack NFT from Planet IX which consists of 111 PIX (tradeable pieces of land) and 55 Raffle Tickets (your getaway to owning Landmark Relic NFTs).

Claim Your Pack → Here

Important links:
White Paper:
Discord: Planet IX
Telegram: Telegram: Join Group Chat

Guys, you are amazing, and we wish you to use your prizes with maximum efficiency.

Stay tuned for upcoming events between MarsColony and Planet IX.

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