MarsColony: finance, ownership & business model

Hey Martians :wave:

To make sure that we all are on the same page, we would like to bring more clarity to several topics

MarsColony entities


An organization formed by the Creators of MarsColony concept. Formed in May 2021



  • Decision making 3/3
  • Multisig 2/3

MarsDAO (formed)

An organization that is formed to manage the grant received from Harmony blockchain. Formed in Jan 2022.


The process

  • Decision-making - the majority of votes
  • Multisig 5/9

MarsColony DAOs (in progress)

Organizations that manage community treasuries. Each planet has its own DAO (MC Harmony DAO, MC Polygon DAO, etc)

  • NFT Land owners

The process

  • Decision making - (in progress)
  • Multisig - (to do)

Important. NFT Land is your key to a particular DAO. Let’s say if you hold Harmony NFT you are part of Harmony DAO if you hold Polygon NFT you are part of Polygon DAO, and so on.


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DAO Flow
MarsDAO Grants
Creators DAO NFT Land Distribution
Creators DAO Royalty on secondary market
MarsColonyDAO Communtiy Treasury
MarsColonyDAO CLNY utilization*


Let’s clarify the ownership and decision-making process on different levels.


CreatorsDAO launched MarsColony project with the Original Vision to build a framework and colonize blockchains (see :arrow_up:)

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  • Initiated project development
  • Financing development
  • Manage the company in all aspects of it
  • Launching NFT collections
  • MarsColony is an intellectual property of CreatorsDAO

During the product launch CreatorsDAO manages Community Treasury multisig. Once community DAO is created, Treasury multisig will be transferred to the DAO.

MC Harmony DAO (in progress)

Everyone who has NFT Land plot is a part of the MC Harmony DAO

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  • Owns community treasury
  • Makes decisions that affect Harmony Colony over governance process (should be defined)
  • Influence on the product development priorities within its colony
  • Vote for new features, and priorities (when required)
  • Fund another initiatives from Community Treasury that boosts the economy and helps the project grow
  • Elect a leadership person/team that reports to the DAO members

MC Polygon DAO (to do)

Everyone who has NFT Land plot on Polygon is a part of the MC Polygon DAO


  1. Each DAO has full control and can make any decision within its own Colony. For example, if you are NFT Landowner on Harmony it means you are part of MC Harmony DAO and can participate in making decisions according to the logic that is defined by the DAO
  2. As NFT Landlord you mint and control 100% of ERC20 tokens that are produced within the colony (directly and indirectly)
  3. if you are a part of MC Harmony DAO and do not belong to the MC Polygon DAO, you can’t influence Polygon’s DAO unless you are part of it.
    It applies to all DAOs created around MarsColony particularly and web3 world in general.

How does the CreatorsDAO plan to spend the Claiming Fees?

How well are the separate DAO structures working for your team?

Seems like a reasonable way to break it down, like a business, with owners and leadership roles.

I would focus more on art/design, give settlers the options to create unique NFT land plots by investing CLNY.

With each upgrade to your NFT it changes making it more valuable, so instead of these raw images on NFTKEY we get to see actual base stations or even more unique alterations.

The business model would be the royalties that MarsColony receives for trading these NFTs/Land Plots which you can then invest back into the game.


Genius! I Iike the idea.

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I love this idea. So basically we should allow people to replace images and burn CLNY as replacing fee. Did I get it correctly right?


Let’s think even further. I also like the idea to allow people to purchase NFT on the secondary market directly from the globe. A similar way to initial claiming, but now Landlords can set up their own price, and probably NFT for sale should change color, so people can notice it much easier.

What do you guys think about it?

Hey @EddNorris, thank you for the questions.

I am happy to give the overview, of how we spend it and I would like to ask you to appreciate our transparency and not use our openness against us. I will not give share the balance sheet, but I can give you a high-level overview. You can also compare the expenses of other web3 projects, and hopefully, we will not come back to this again :pray:

So basically we use that fee to bootstrap the project.

  1. Quite a big portion of claiming fee was just burned by NFT landlords. Initially, we put ≈ 25% into the liquidity. So basically landlords get those funds back but sell CLNY (on my opinion Landlords should care more about CLNY price stability, but it’s the topic for another discussion)
  2. Another portion was just burned by the market drop (ONE dropped 10x in the last couple of months)
  3. We’ve outsourced DEX development
  4. On the portion that is left we run the company (currently 16ppl in our slack that contributes to the project) and we also hiring devs to speed up the development process to be able to stick with the road map

MarsColony is 12 months on track and we keep moving forward.

I hope it brings more clarity to everyone around. I build in the space for 5 years and I know the range. MarsColony is one of the most efficient teams in web3 space.

When I see posts like this, I do simply do not want to be that open anymore:smiling_face_with_tear:. But I keep doing, it coz I respect other people in the community. Hopefully, you can understand my feeling too.

So far it’s the best structure to run the company. We make all decisions together. And all decision goes through only when all participants agree with them. Sometimes we have debates, but it helps us to make better decisions.

I think we did

  • @eugenefinch leads product development. So all questions related to the product can be addressed to him
  • @MEMOLOGICAL_EXPEDITI out tech lead. Infrastructure, smart contracts, basically everything that is built by the tech team
  • @father tokenomic & wp design, leading growth team, business development. Trying to resolve the crisis that we faced recently :sweat_smile:

Everyone has their own field of responsibility, but worth to mention that all-important decision, are made by getting a consensus 3/3

I just can’t understand how an outsourced Dex took so long to deliver and was delivered too late to make a positive impact. If you had focused the team on the right things at the right time we would have a more complete and healthy product by now, and maybe the interest of the community to see it expand to other chains. You put the cart before the horse, and the cart doesn’t move because of it.

hey @King_Amras

We understood that it was delayed for more than one month from our initial estimation. But sometimes unplanned things happened. I don’t want to speculate about the war in Ukraine but I mentioned previously, that the DEX devs were based in Kiew, and the city was under bombing for several months.

Sometimes you need to prioritize more important things than the development deadline. I hope you guys understand that.