MarsColony Mainnet instruction: How to Claim NFT Land

Hey Martians :vulcan_salute:
We’re happy to share that the first Colony Settlers have landed!

Follow these easy steps to become NFT Landlord

Polygon version :arrow_down:

Stage 1: Preparation

  1. Prepare your Polygon wallet (Ideally on Metamask)
  2. Get at least 210 MATIC tokens in your wallet (410 for main launch)

Step 2: Claim NFT Land

  1. Go to the Mars Colony app.
  2. Claim the NFT land plot with MATIC tokens. (Instructions → )

Step 3: Building Improvements

  1. Claim earned CLNY from each NFT land plot
  2. Build upgrades on your NFT land (Instructions → )

Let’s colonize Mars! :rocket:

Feel free to ask any questions in reply to this post!


When will we get our land on mainnet for using testnet?


I hope I’ll claim one of those lands

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How do I put one in my wallet? I cannot withdraw any ONE from Binance???


test net land will not be converted to mainnet.

Hey @MDP you should probably check it with Binance support team.

Ok great, thanks. Is all the land on mars colony taken already??

Yep, the Initial claiming is over but it’s available on secondary market on

the domain is for sale, the marketplace is not working, change the link to the work site

updated, thanks :wink:

Great! Thanks

I see the instructions were updated for Polygon, when is this going down? And if I have a bunch of land and avatars, do I get a shot at an airdrop? Cheers