MarsColony Pitch Deck (April 2022)


Forward, father.

I take it this is the pitch for expanding to Polygon chain?


For the full-scale expansion! Many cool things coming this year :wink:


You can also mention the ~20 minutes avatars mint on the last slide :laughing:

Forward father, the best is to come!


Typo in the slide deck. :smiley:

I would like to see a tutorial for bridging to Polygon, before we launch on Polygon. Hopefully a nice and easy bridge from Harmony to Polygon. :smiley:

Nice deck though. I like the break down on usages. @father @brother


Dont, dont make the same exact planet on polygon, that would be a gigantic turn off and lost opportunity, please… Its could be so easy and 100 times better to have a multiplanetary project, a repetition would just be, boring…


I agree with this.

Hey @TdxTri

It’s not a typo, “alpha leak” :slight_smile:

more information is coming !

Could you please elaborate on it in a bit more details?

I am still researching the right way how to position multichain expansion. Multiverse with different planets sounds cool for me too. But what about the concerns: to build a brand name, domains, SEO, forum structure, how to structure communities, governance and DAO, and probably most important the product development - when we release a new feature on Harmony it will automatically appear on other chains.

So your input on solving all those questions will be more than just helpful.

Everyone who wants to contribute to this idea, lets brainstorm here together!


Really looking forward to this :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just yesterday i had a discussion with one of our mediator, akasparky, on what would be better to have, a multiplanetary universe or a multiverse with the same planet but that each one of them goes differents routes being in another completly universe.
I think the center of the discussion is if we want the planet mars to be the branding name, or just COLONY.
My idea was, to have a multiplanetary universe were the colony are connected with each other and trades are established beetween them, just for example ,maybe in a planet you gather stuff than on another one there arent and you need to trade resources to acquiring them.
The thing is we are an expansive race, the human kind is always in the search of something new and unexplored, using the same planet for other chain, to me will be a lost opportunity.
Of course at first the 2 colony will look similar,(except for the planet ofc) but as time would pass, they will take different directions on what they want, being on an entire different ecosystem than harmony.
The other dao its possible it will want different things
with different proposal to vote.
To me having “a feeling of belonging” will be important, there will be for sure investors that wont want to have nothing to do with other chain, and having a feel of being a part of that and only that planet , will be succesful, so in this case , using the same planet over and over, will be just , a lost opportunity. Thanks love you all


We’ve achieved some impressive milestones so far and there is so much more to come. I am excited for everything the Game, The Defi developments and the Matic expansion.

I want to see the stable phase @father tell me you have the intention and a plan to kick tethers ass

MarsColony the Best :video_game: to :moneybag: on Harmony, Viva el UBI!


I also think we should be expanding to other planets not just mars or a copy of mars. We should using the same systems created on hamony but rebranding keeping the colony and making iteresting NFTs variations is a bit more work but it will make us bigger in the long run and is we are to change things we have to go Big or go Home.

We are the COLONY afterall the planets themselves have been there for eons. The lore can grow into multiple of episodes on how Humanity colonized the universe and beyond.


I think this is spot on. If the game is going to flourish rather than just become people moving from planet to planet as new ones get released, leaving a trail of ghost planets in their wake, then the planets need to be as different from one another possible. We need to consider why one planet would be useful compared to another. We’d need e.g.

  • One new profession on a new planet
  • Some different resources or items (ideally that could be of huge benefit on the other planet, to encourage cross-planet trade - is this possible? I’m not techy enough to know)
  • A different ‘look’ to the planet e.g. different skins on buildings
  • A different planet e.g. Venus not Mars. I wonder how difficult it is to build out the same 21,000 on a different planet? I assume it’s done through an API so perhaps not too overwhelming?

Hello everyone, first of all I am not an expert in the crypto world and I use a translator. If we’re going to stick with the idea of ​​just having one Mars, and not just copy Harmony’s to Polygons and other chains, we might have to design that as an extension. e.g. if the countries 15 at Harmony are split on polygon 15a and on another chain 15b we still have one planet. The CLNY, shaped by Polygon Land 15a, would have to give up 30% to Harmony Land 15. This in turn can retrieve the 30% from the 3rd chain 15b. This would benefit early entrants (Harmony investors). The countries could have exchanged CLNY among themselves. (Country 15 lends the country 15a to upgrade CLNY) this again benefits all parties. This does not copy the Mars colony and creates a community.

Hey guys @marco99799468 @ImpactFrames @tris_the_avatar_maxi thank you for your inputs. I completely agree with the opinion that the game should evolve and improve every iteration. This is exactly what we try to do.

Also agree that a new planet will look sexier and more interesting for old players and will motivate them to jump into every new Settler on every new blockchain. Personally, I think that early MarsColony supporters (everyone who believed in us from the beginning) should have the advantage of being here. They actually will.

One of the features we want to implement when we launch new settlers is a dedicated allocation for every new NFT collection on every new chain. I think it’s fair. Especially if MarsColony will be on-demand.

Regarding multiplanet design. I like it as much as you like it. We do not against it; we just say that it might be not that advanced from the beginning, but I am sure that all our colonies will look different over time.

Regarding the idea, accept CLNY and Matic. Let me think a bit about it. From the economic perspective, I don’t see the difference between selling the NFT collection with Matic or CLNY, simply because the funds will be secured in stable coins.

From my understanding, the easier way to move funds from Harmony to Polygon is via USDC coins. Bridging CLNY (at this stage) will delay P2E and other things as well.

Anyway, it’s a good question to brainstorm about. So guys, please give me more ideas. I am in active research. On how to launch our next Colony and make it successfully!


Hey @lolapal, the idea sounds interesting but should be investigated technically and economically as well.

As we mentioned in the WP, we would like to launch Settlers and let Colony evolve itself. It’s important. Each colony will have huge own treasury, own colony leaders, plus it will target completely different people. At the same time, I wanna repeat that I think early believers and supporters of MarsColony should have privilege of be the first settlers, or get into whitelist for claiming next NFT collection.

@father, while I do really like the idea of expanding to other planets as the project expands across blockchains, I am not opposed to “re-using” Mars on each next blockchain. And actually, if we go the route of having a single Mars planet on each chain, there’s the potential for it to be executed well…but we’d need some kick-ass lore for this endeavor.

Specifically, if we incorporate the sci-fi trope of interdimensional travel into the storyline, a planet Mars on each blockchain could work.

For example, image a genesis event that occurs on our planet Mars on the Harmony blockchain. There’s lots of potential for this event (even the possibility of making it interactive with the community), but at the conclusion of this event, something catastrophic happens, splintering the fabric of time. The consequences of this event are multiple timelines originating from the genesis event, with each timeline being contained within each blockchain. This, right here, is the beginning – the big bang – of the Mars Colony multiverse.

Each blockchain will then have a Mars planet, but each will follow a different timeline based on the different outcomes from the genesis event. For example, the OG Mars on Harmony, the genesis event could be the reason for why there are giant martian-eating worms on the planet. On Polygon, the outcome of the genesis event was different, so while there are no giant worms, there could be a different adversary. There’s lots of potential for storytelling here, and it could make re-using Mars across blockchains a really interesting concept.

Lastly, with this Mars Colony multiverse, there has to be interdimensional travel. There is some tool in the multiverse that enables interdimensional travel; perhaps this tool is related to the genesis event. But regardless, there is some sort of sci-fi-inspired tool to enable the Harmony Mars colonist to travel across dimensions – to travel across blockchains. This could inspire an interdimensional community, market, and war(s) across versions of Mars, which all was a result of this genesis event.

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Hey @Durb, thanks for the input!

Thats exactly what @brother & @eugenefinch work on. It will be also published and presented to the community soon. I heard already some insights already, and it sounds really cool!

Pretty sure you will like it! In the end, we have a common goal that unites all our opinions to make MarsColony successful projects!

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That’s very, very exciting to hear! I’m looking forward to learning more. :grin: Thank you, as always, for listening to the community and responding.

Forward. :v::sunglasses:

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I have a bunch of land and avatars and am proud of this team! As a technical sort, I like the idea of building a repeatable process for colonizing, it will allow the dev team to deploy multichain quicker and it will avoid feedback like why are you changing the clny output to landholders. In addition, why not be original and call the new planet on Polygon, the Polygon planet with it’s own lore and back story. Next, Avalanche, Bitcoin, Terra, etc. You could work with each chain’s devs or founders on what key principles and attributes are core to that planet. Lastly, it might be good to allow folks that own land to name their regions like you did with the avatars, cheers

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