MarsColony Play to Earn: NFT Landlord vs NFT Avatar (Colonist)

MarsColony Play to Earn concept requires two types of users NFT Landlords & NFT Avatars (Colonists)

NFT Landlords

Users that claimed NFT Land plots built improvements and made their land economically attractive to bring Colonists to work on their land to create economic value for all sides (Landlords, Colonists and Colony itself). NFT Land plots are limited.

NFT Avatars (Colonists)

People that claimed NFT Avatars are eligible to collect resources, play missions and earn rewards while playing. NFT Avatars are unlimited, and anyone from the Earth can become Mars Colonist simply by claiming an Avatar.

NFT usage comparison

LandLord Avatar (Colonists)
Type Invest & Earn Play & Earn
Available NFT plots 21,000 Unlimited
Revenue share Decide the revenue share Accept revenue share
How to enter the game Claim NFT (with crypto) Claim NFT (with CLNY)
UBI Yes No

The father and the son are ONE.

UBI stands for __________ ____________ ____________ ? Sorry for the question. Iā€™m an idiot when it comes to acronyms.

Universal Basic Income


Yep, I am researching on implementing UBI concept. Firstly for landlords later on for everyone in the MarsColony!

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