MarsColony testnet campaign [has ended] 🚀

Hey Martians!

We are happy to share that the Colony Settlers have landed on the harmony testnet. It’s the last stop before we go live on mainnet :rocket:

Beta testers, it’s your showtime

In this stage, we should combine all effort towards testing out MarsColony contracts and web UI. That’s the first milestone that we will pass together :brown_heart:

Who can join

MarsColony beta testing is open for everyone in the space. If you are one of us, just do it :wink:


To show the appreciation for beta testers, there will be some incentives at the end of the testing

Rewards 100 NFT Land pieces worth ≈ $10,000
Distribution Randomly among all addresses that reached the min requirement
Data At the date of Mainnet launch

Beta testing requirements

To be eligible to participate in the distribution of 100 NFT Lands you need to reach min requirements, highlighted below.

Beta testing works with Metamask, if you don’t have it yet, follow this instruction →

Stage 1: Preparation

  1. Get Harmony testnet (Instruction → )
  2. Get 1000 ONE testnet token (Instruction → )

Stage 2: Claiming Land

  1. Go to the app
  2. Claim 3 pieces of NFT Land with test ONE tokens (Instruction → )
  3. Claim 100 test CLNY tokens (Instruction → )

Stage 3: Building Improvements

  1. Claim earned CLNY from every NFT Land
  2. Build improvements on your NFT land (Instruction → )
  3. Build improvements for all 3 NFT Land pieces that you own

Congratulations :partying_face: :tada: :confetti_ball:
The min requirements are reached and your footprint is in the history !

If our feelings are mutual please spread the word about MarsColony on Twitter or your favorite social media.

We colonize the world :rocket:

Feel free to ask any question below this post :wink:


Hey folks! We want to highlight that must-have requirement to be eligible to win mainnet NFT Land is to CLAIM 3 NFT LAND



Hello! I have been beta tested. Can I now participate in your lottery? Or do I still need to fill out a google form?

But I don’t understand which wallet I should enter in the google form - my Ethereum address or one address (one1pexye809q2c29g9cflxs4t7fn3sd9nv56hs5y2), which should I take on your website? I’m waiting for your answers.

Hey! Filling the form isn’t mandatory, but it is better to fill it:)
If you passed, yao are participating, wait for announcements

Hey guys ! Im trying to claim the test net land plot but its not working? it says transation will not succeed/ beta test closed . any work around? thanks!

Good day,

Cannot claim my 100 CLNY no popup is shown .

I also am not getting the link to claim the CLNY.

I think we are already late. But here’s another chance for us,

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Hey guys, we have ended beta tester campaign. Please refer to the main announcement in our telegram channel.