MarsColony vision: Economy & Multichain


Hey Martians :vulcan_salute:! It’s fantastic to see the enthusiasm and passion many of you contribute to MC. During the last AMA call I was inspired by your energy! I believe that together we can make this world a better place.

MarsColony Economy

Lets talk about the MC economy and the opportunities that are presented for everyone within our framework. Below, I’ll describe each Epoch of progress and the potential that it brings.

Epoch 1 - Initial NFT plot claiming

The first epoch was when 21,000 NFT pieces were claimed by MC members. It was interesting that the secondary market was kickstarted right after the initial claiming was over.

Epoch 2 - CLNY Minting

During the second epoch, those 21,000 NFT plots will generate 144,800,000 CLNY tokens, which will be distributed according to the defined economic model. 49% of the supply will be held directly by NFT Landlords and 51% indirectly by NFT landlords and CLNY holders via treasury.

During the first two epochs, we should achieve a balanced power distribution within our Colony.

Epoch 3- Play to Earn

(the data is updating)

Epoch 4 - DeFi

Let’s say 100% of CLNY is distributed, what’s next? In Epoch 3, we’ll launch an entire DeFi ecosystem within our Colony. Here are highlights on how will it work, and how CLNY tokens will be utilized:

MarsColony DEX (Cross-pool router + Farming)

A DEX is one of the simplest products that can utilize a huge supply of CLNY. The MC DEX will be the most efficient DEX in its category:

  • Focus only on top trading tokens (ONE, USDC, ETH, etc)
  • Every pair in the DEX will be against CLNY (ONE <> CLNY, USDC <> CLNY, ETH <> CLNY, etc)
  • Focused farming will lead to the most efficient pools, best rates, and least slippage
  • Cross-pool routing will utilize capital more efficiently and generate a 2x fee for liquidity providers (For example: we have two pairs, ETH <> CLNY & USDC <> CLNY. If you trade ETH <> USDC, from the user side you don’t feel any difference as it was a direct pool, but the backend side executes 2 TXs - ETH → CLNY → USDC)
  • For the initial stage, we aim to accumulate $100M in liquidity pools, where 100% of CLNY will be minted by landlords
  • Liquidity providers will be able to earn trading fee + farming allocated to each pair

MarsColony Stablecoin

A stablecoin is the next big thing we would like to build. For the MC stablecoin, we are going to utilize the DEXs LP tokens as collateral, as that will give all liquidity providers higher mobility for their assets (it will be earning the fee + farming in DEX pools and at the same time you will have stablecoins that you can user for other needs).

The MC Stablecoin economic model will be released when all development around the MC DEX is finished.

The MC Stablecoin will be an additional incentive for LP to bring more funds to the MC DEX.

MC Lending platform

Technically speaking, MC Lending is Colony’s neo-bank. It’s a place where you will be able to have savings for your stablecoins or get a loan against NFT land, LP, CLNY, or other tokens.

Releasing all these products will utilize most of the CLNY in circulation and theoretically could make a CLNY deficit, which should lead to higher market stability compared to overall crypto market volatility.

Important note: This is not the final list of products, but it’s a base layer that will create a foundation for a complete DeFi ecosystem within MarsColony. I am always open to ideas for new products that can be built within our ecosystem.

MC Cross-chain

There will come a time when each colony will have a complete DeFi ecosystem native to their planet. This will lead to a self-sustaining economy on every blockchain, which is why we refer to MC as a blockchain colonization model.

The locked value in LP and the DEX can be also utilized for instant cross-chain transactions (see synapse protocol). This initiative will make MarsColony a blockchain infrastructure project, and it will be the first step for cross-colony economic communication.

Epoch 5 - DAO & Governance

Once NFTs are distributed and a basic DeFi framework is settled within the Colony, the next stage is the creation of the MC DAO and organizing on-chain governance processes.

By tokenomic design, 51% of minted CLNY tokens are allocated to liquidity mining and treasury funds. When on-chain governance is released, we will be able to manage those funds in a decentralized way that could utilize elements of a direct democracy.

Technically, those funds should be used in ways that make MC Colony stronger economically, technically, and functionally. The treasury will fund development, growth, and community initiatives. Further, the treasury can be used to invest in other projects that will speed up Mars colonization.

Epoch 6 - Multichain

MarsColony is a repeatable framework, a set of economic rules for blockchain and metaverse existence. Those rules will be packed together in a “Settler box” that will be deployed on other blockchains.

Both technically and economically, all those Colonies will grow and evolve independently, though cross-communication is possible and beneficial. The success of each colony will be mostly dependent on its participants, their contribution, and level of their organization. Think of them like united but independent decentralized nations.

Important note: Setting up a “Settler box” on one blockchain will not affect a Colony on another blockchain. Colonies will not compete with each other, most likely the opposite.

For example, when MC is more complete on the Harmony chain as a DeFi infrastructure, it will compete with Sushiswap, and the stablecoins and lending platforms built on the same chain. Likewise MC on Polygon will be a DeFi alternative to Sushiswap, Uniswap, and so on. MC Harmony + MC Polygon will be an alternative of SynapseProtocol, Anybridge, or other cross-chain infrastructures.

This is why I am bullish on the multichain potential of the Mars Colony framework :wink:


This is an overview of what we original colonist-builders are focusing on. We’re not worried about how it functions in traditional crypto markets, rather we know that economically and mathematically it’s a great framework to create a new breed of decentralized metaverse communities, with full transparency, direct democracy, and economic freedom, all based on an explorer’s spirit.

In an ideal world, one epoch should occur right after another, but in practice some of them will develop in parallel.

If you want to contribute to any stage, any epoch of this plan, or would like to suggest improvements for this plan, please do not hesitate to leave your comment below this post.


— Father.


Hello @father ,

Great news that sounds good to me. I will start a DeFi formation of 12 weeks in like 10 days. I will support this features with all of my heart.

Forwards. :vulcan_salute:


Thank you for heads up!
Promising! :vulcan_salute:


i am waiting as long as dev give response. please make this project to the moon i bought some land in secondary market(5 in presale)


Thats what I love to see, especially after all the whining from the complainers begging for moderation and regulation.

Sounds goood, let’s do it!

@father let me get this straight: the vision has absolutely no gamefi-aspects. This absolutely unacceptable, as you have done a complete 180 from your initial road-map.

I really don’t understand why you are so insistent on focusing on multi-chain and DeFi, rather than actually focusing first on developing the gamefi aspects. There are plenty of lending/stable coin platforms out there: why would anyone use the one you are building? Additionally, launching on other chains are just going to cause a token dump in the long-run.

There’s a lot of feedback from the community about not wanting multi-chain, and focus to be put on developing the gamefi aspects first. Are you even listening to the community? Would you let the community decide, as this is supposed to be a community project? Would you put this to a vote?

It’s pretty clear that the current vision focuses on shameless money grabs from you and the rest of the team. There is nothing unique or even interesting in the current vision.


@MetaCephLad AFAIK, this is just the Economy vision, not the overall roadmap. They are just addressing how the tokenomics and economy of the game would work, in addition to all the gamefi components.


Hey, @tweetchadingo sorry for the confusion. This is the vision of how the economy will be built within the colony. For the Game-fi aspect, @eugenefinch will share details in another article.

Please do not mix those things. We are going forward as planned at the beginning, haven’t turned from the initial plan yet.

Thanks @BreadWinner that’s exactly what I am trying to say :vulcan_salute:


Thanks for the update team.

When it goes multi chain though Polygon needs to be another planet, not Mars. Venus or Saturn, etc.


who says they aren’t focusing on game development? the title of this piece is Economy and Multichain…


oops replied in the wrong spot, sorry that was meant for the guy whining about vision changes


No problem!

I do find it a bit difficult to track official updates from you or the team vs community updates.

2 suggestions to make your and the team’s hard work more prominent and accessible!

  1. Separate your updates from the Community into a separate section entirely. As soon as people navigate to, it should be very clear where the core team’s updates are just from the home page. Right now that’s a bit difficult (at least on mobile).

  2. Have a template title for all updates with a date stamp, category, and headline. Ex:

[ROADMAP] Feb 3rd 2022 - MarsColony Economy

Best wishes and looking forward to the game coming together!


How does the lending against my NFT plot is going to work? What would be the value of my plot and could i get liquidated? And i will like some focus on developing more use cases for the $clny token in the meantime, i know LP is days away but the reward you get for giving liquidity has a worst apy than doing some improvements to the Nft plot so i think is not going to generate much demand for $clny

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I am proud to be part of this project. full steam ahead

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We will increase rewards to keep it attractive.


This is really greta news and looking forward to the gamefi overview too!

I was inspired to purchase a few more land plots at a discount.

This sounds like a solid long term plan, a game, a DEX and a Lending platform … I like it

Love the economics but can you explain how the gaming elements will interact with CLNY @father ? I believe that this will be a big incentive to keep the Mars economy going

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