Mediator Groups Proposal and Project Governance

Advancement Plan for next Phase

In light of the recent developments, it has become apparent that it’s now more than ever needed to overcome the challenge of a single closed off project and transpire it into a community driven effort with the help of our community members and the core team we can focus on the following and overcome the obstacles that had hindered us for the last few months.

My proposal is as follows. Everyone might not like it, but this is the beauty about democracy, you get to chose with hopefully the right amount of information included, this will help you make better decisions.

  • Mediator Groups
    • These groups will be responsible to ensure contributions are made to the project core team and that they are kept in track with relevant input from these groups from the community. The members will be from the community who shows interest in any of these groups, they will decide on action plan for their respective group, agree or vote on it wihtin the group and then give the final action plan to the core team for action. Community members can move between groups if they feel like they can add value. These groups will be open and not closed groups as this allows other community members to drop in when ever they like.
    • Tokenomics
      • Group should contain members of the community as advisories to the project on this specific subject and should include major stakeholders and contributors to this specific topic -Andi, Viva, Tris Crypto T, Mr undervalued, Sanny, Minty etc for consideration on these roles.
    • Gamefi
      • Group should include the gamefi writer director of strategy for how they foresee the game developing and also members of the community specifically with experience in gamefi world cerebral gaming would be an excellent advisory to this group
    • Lore and Stories
      • Jeus would be great for this as the head of this group and also to include members from the community to assist and advise on this.
    • Marketing and Social Media
      • Can be community driven so someone with relevant experience could be considered for this or someone external to the project as it removes biases .
    • Governance DAO
      • As much as we hate to admit it, but this is an investment first and everything after and therefore requires careful consideration on how voting is proposed, having a 1:1 vote works in a country, but it doesn’t work on crypto projects where millions of $ are at stake the same way multi billion $ companies don’t give everyone a vote. There stakeholders are put into tiers and voting happens based on that. There’s a reason they are so successful, let’s not reinvent the wheel.
    • Project Direction
      • Weekly collaboration calls would need to happen between the core team and the mediator groups and put across their actions from that weeks internal discussions with their members, we can then give the proposal options for voting and allow transparency to the community so they are aware of developments.
      • The core team can then act on those and implement the needed changes.
      • Amas should always start of with the previous weeks actions outcomes on what was completed, achieved, what wasn’t to give subjective meaning to the meeting. Meeting without a outcome is a waste of everyone’s time.
      • Project progress must be tracked and can be updated by the PM who ever that might be
      • Communications must always achieve 3 things.
        • Be accurately informative
        • When and how will things happen
        • Date and time, everything has to have a date to be able to work towards in achieving it.
  • Colony Leadership
    • a person or a board of people that can be elected/re-elected by landlords
      More to come soon.

Loved it I give my 100% support for it


We need this, I agree with everything you wrote, let’s get it done :office_worker: :handshake: :muscle:


Choosing representatives from the community to cover the important topics is a great way to make sure important DAO decisions are based on expertise and can be done in a timely manner. Especially tokenomics should be handled by people who have an advanced understanding of the topic. I’m just voting for whatever makes sense to me, without doing any math on it, my vote is luck based at best.

As for big, regular DAO voting, I’m all for 21000 votes. Each plot one vote. Investors with multiple NFTs are already able to set up multiple wallets to get their voting power. No avoiding that. Having one vote for each person is really out of the question at this point.

My biggest pain point is still the missing central communication channel and should be established before anything else. Distributing new or important information makes or breaks the community driven part of the project. Being left out of the loop is the biggest enemy of making people feel involved.


great point and thanks for contributing to this, will ceratinly hope that you would continue to add value through the mediator groups


Mostly of what I have been saying for months. Thanks @AgentGreenStix . I’ve been putting proposals together within our Guild group or mod group for weeks. I’m sure Sparky has been voicing the opinions about direction to the core team. Not sure how this project got to this point, but it is certainly disappointing to many of us who have been faithfully holding. Let’s get this ship moving in the right direction.


I would suggest adding one more paragraph “Colony Leadership(s),” - a person or a board of people that can be elected/re-elected by landlords.

How does it sound? :thinking:


great suggestion @father will add that to the points

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This is beautiful

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