Mercury Retrograde // Mars Retrograde - a retrospective on yesterday

Okay, so Mars isn’t actually retrograde but Mercury sure is. In a figurative sense, Mars is too (our Mars) but more on that later. If we are to believe those wacky astrologers they tell us that during a Mercury retrograde (current retrograde period: May 10 - June 3) there is an increased likelihood that the following will occur:

• miscommunications/misunderstandings
• delays of any kind
• problems with technology such as random malfunctions

@brother :eyes:

Putting aside whether or not there’s any truth to the whole Mercury retrograde thing I think we can all agree that communication issues have been a theme in the Mars Colony ethos lately and yesterday everything came to a head in the Discord (and it truly needed to). For those who were present for either the early AMA chat with Eugene and Father or the let’s just say, spontaneous AMA chat with Jeus, you know more or less how dramatic of a day it was. Suffice it to say, shit got real.

Back to the retrogrades. What those dumb astrologers also tell us about retrogrades is often there is a theme of having to repeat something or having to go back to the drawing board. Now, while this may be a drag initially the benefit is that you will likely make something better than you had done before. Sometimes we need conflict in order to grow and I’m optimistic that Mars Colony will emerge stronger than ever as long as we work together towards a mutually beneficial future.


I love this.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom, Ruth.



Forward. :blue_heart: