Mini game idea (Addtional CLNY burn) Lore/story potential and internal/external interest in the game

Try to make this brief.

The initial premise was that there was a rogue AI. My suggestion for a game type is to make it guitar hero-esque.

You have a circuit board on one side of the screen when you launch the mission (which requires CLNY to initiate). The circuit board has circuits/parts etc that are color coordinated and represent the Mars global network. The other side is like guitar hero where you have cascading colors or color combos that indicate what wires/toggles/paths need to be changed or rerouted to beef up the security of the network. The rogue AI is trying to penetrate the firewall to the network and your job is to ensure that it does not become successful at doing so. You can have this a timed event and every 10 seconds (or whatever time is appropriate) the colors or combinations of colors either become more complicated or display faster in which case you will need to match the speed and re-route or repair to prevent the AI from taking over. Completing the task successfully earns full XP (amount TBD). Unsuccessful would mean less XP (TBD).

The big thing is to have this simple game be a part of the global system so after say a month or two of this mini-game the successes and failures can be tallied to determine whether the AI was successful at penetrating the global network or not. This would allow a narrative to be played out and additional minigames (TBD) to be added.

This also gives everyone a stake in whether the AI outbreak gets worse or is prevented (for now). This allows for backstory and lore to be created. Gives a more clear picture of what the game is or will be (a premise at least). Drums up community interest and also outside interest. Keep the graphics simple. This does not need to be some elaborate game that requires months to create.

Keep Cryopods for those that want to stake for steady XP gain and minigame for something a bit quicker. Also, give use cases for the programmers. Programmers can have a boost that slows down the color transitions or whatever. You could also implement additional clny burns in the form of tiered network tools to assist with repelling the AI attack on the network. 20 clny to start a mission. 10 clny for tier-one assist, 20 for tier-2, 30 for tier-3, etc.

Sorry for the grammatical errors. Had to type this up at work, quickly :wink:

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cc @eugenefinch

Ahh one thing I forgot. Take a look at the game super power 3. You can have an involved game but keep it simple like that. Just an example of overlays etc. No do not want a clone but it has some ideas for design.