Mining mission explanation

Hello everyone!

In this post I’ll try to explain how to play mining mission and everything around it.

Firstly, what is mining mission?

Mining mission is a turn-based strategy where you will need to find and mine resources (as many as you can) and escape the map before you ran out of moves.

Secondly, what do i need to play mining mission?

To play mining mission you will need only an avatar as well as in Base Station missions.
Each avatar will be able to play 2 mining missions per day (1 mining mission cost 2 Base station missions).

However, you can also use mining mission gear to gain an advantage on mission. Learn more about mining mission gear in this article.

NOTE: You do not have to own mining mission gear to play mining mission and mining mission gear do not increase final token rewards

How to use mining mission gear?

To use gear you will need to lock it on your wallet. Just choose gear that you want in the interface, press lock and sign a transaction in your wallet.

NOTE: Each time you choose and lock new gear the old ones automatically unlock.

You can use up to 2 (3 if you have a unique transport) gear in a mission but only 1 of each gear types and each successfully passed mission (escaped from map) each locked gear gets -1 durability.

NOTE: When gear’s durability turns 0, it automatically burns within the same transaction of rewards collecting.

Mining mission gameplay

  1. Movement - you can move on highlighted green tiles using wasd buttons on keyboard or by pressing on these tiles. Moving on a tile cost 1 move.

  1. Resource mining - resources are spread on a map tiles and shows up only in your field of view [FOV] (1 tile each side on your transport). To mine a resource you need to stand on exact same tile with this resource and have enough moves to mine it (amount of turns is shown at the top right corner of the screen). Each resource rarity have different mining costs and gives different amount of rewards.

  1. Obstacle destroying - each game there are 2 obstacle on the map that block the fast way to other map corner and which can be destroyed with dynamite. Breaking up obstacle doesn’t take any moves.

  1. Worm actions:
    Each time you get close to a resource there’s a chance that a worm will appear near it. If you get close enough to a worm it will show up and you will have to interact with it.

NOTE: you can’t avoid worm interaction if it have shown up with an interaction window. You will have to make a decision what action to proceed.

  • Retreat - You can retreat from the worm. It won’t disappear from the map and you’ll just move to one tile that you were before the worm appeared. You will also pay 11 moves for this action.

  • Contribution - You can pay a contribution to a worm. It will take one least rare resource that you have mined and will disappear from the map. You will be able to continue you journey safely.

NOTE: You can’t choose this action if you do not have any mined resources at this moment

  • Fight - You can try to fight a worm. You will have a 70% chance to win the fight. If you won the fight worm will disappear from the map and you will be able to continue your journey.

NOTE: If you loose the fight the mission will be instantly failed. Obviously, you’ve been eaten.

  1. Scanner - You can scan the area around you (7 x 7 tiles) for resources existence and it’s amount. Scanner cost 5 moves to use. Information and area will be visible for 30 seconds. There’s no cooldown between the scanner uses.

NOTE: You can use scanner only 2 times in a mission.

  1. Escaping the map - To escape the map (successfully finish the mission) you will need to find one of the exit gates that are located in the map corners. First exit gate will always be spawned on the tile where you start the mission but the second one will be randomly spawned in 1 of other 3 game map corners.

NOTE: There will be only 2 exit gates every mission. To exit the map you will simply need to stand on the exit gates tile and press ‘E’ key.

Rewards and maintenance


  1. Avatar XP - For 1 mining mission avatar will get doubled amount of coding mission XP.

  2. CLNY token - CLNY token rewards depend not only on amount and rarity of mined resources but also on transport hub level on the land where the mission was passed.

Example: Maximum reward on harmony chain with full rewards mined and max level of transport hub is 2 CLNY split between landlord and avatar owner

  1. Utility Crates - users can’t get utility crates by passing mining mission.


Each successful mission passed will break your transport (state of your wallet address) by 2.5%.

NOTE: When transport condition turns 0 user won’t be able to play mining mission without repairing the transport using CLNY token (100% of the token will be burned)

NOTE 2: Each wallet will have 50% transport condition by default.

And now, the most important thing is to try to complete your first mining mission.

Follow the links and enjoy!

Harmony planet - PLAY

Polygon planet - PLAY


This sounds fantastic. Great work :clap: guys.


@Lyagushka are resources mined in a mission stored somethere or it’s just a way to get mission points?

Right now its just a way to earn CLNY rewards

will this be different in the future?