Mining mission/questions directly to the team

Hello to the team, this is not meant to be a criticism, just suggestions to improve communication with the community. I have the feeling that there is no clarity in the team as to who is responsible for questions from the community. Could we have a contact person from the team who is committed to answering questions. At the moment it seems to me that when a question comes from us, none of the team feels responsible for answering it. The colleague already does that. I really don’t know who to ask questions or suggestions to. So here are a few questions: Could we have more details about the mining mession, how is it played, what are the rewards, will the clny finally find an application, when will the mession come? On this way, let’s try to establish better communication between the team and the community. In the end we all want the same thing, the project has to be successful.


We need a community liaison. No one ever replaced Brother in this regard.

No one replaced Brother in his two most significant duties: community liaison and narrative builder. That needs to happen asap.

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Hey @lolapal, as you noticed, we do not have a dedicated community manager to jump in every conversation. But we have @nikita_live91, who can answer all growth-related questions, and @Lyagushka, who can respond to product-related questions.

Feel free to tag them on your posts on the forum to get faster response!

Yep, @eugenefinch is setting up the governance process. We should use it to elect people for different roles and fund their work.

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