Mining mission rewards distribution

Hello everyone, we’ve been waiting for the mining fair for so long. It’s finally here and I’m happy with the game. But the distribution of the XP as well as the rest of the rewards are completely disappointing. I have now opened several boxes that have cost me several thousand from clny, this allows me to make a few more moves per mission. With a few turns I might get a small percentage of CLNY and XP more per mission. The ratio does not correspond at all with the investment (clny opening the boxes) with the added value. You can only play the mining mession twice, so starting with XP it makes more sense to play the message mession 4x. We have to have advantages in the mining fair, otherwise we won’t play it. Oh, you have to have a big advantage with the tools that are in the boxes, otherwise nobody will want to open them. I have now opened several boxes and am disappointed. let’s put together some suggestions for improvement.


I also think that everything should be adjusted better.