Missions: Core Concept for Reward-Incentive Structure

Mars Colony needs a unified and comprehensive GameFi vision that is both attractive and sustainable. At the moment no one knows what they’re doing missions for or even why they ought to own land other than CLNY emissions. Even though it will take time to develop all of the features, which will still be subject to change, many in the community will take solace in knowing the direction MC is heading and the reasons for doing missions even as the game is underdeveloped.

Below is a first draft attempt to create a core concept for player progression and an appealing incentive structure.

Leveling Up XP Purpose & Incentives

  • Every time an avatar levels up they receive skill points (skill points cost CLNY to unlock/use)
  • Skill points increase user stats/attributes
  • Higher stats increase chances of successful missions where there is an element of chance and increase the amount of typical or bonus rewards; each stat or combination of stats correlate to different mission types
  • The professions should also have advantages with certain mission types (an obvious example is a miner performing a mining mission)

Profession-based Advantages

  • When an avatar is performing a mission that is connected to their profession they receive the following advantages where applicable:
  • Increased % of XP rewards
  • Increased % of CLNY rewards
  • Increased % of ORE rewards
  • Increased % chance of successful chance-based missions or rewards
  • The % would start at a low number but would increase after certain levels are reached, maybe every 10 levels. For example:

Levels 1-9 | +5%

Levels 10-19 | +7.5%

Levels 20-29 | +10%

Levels 30-39 | +12.5%

And so on…

  • This could also introduce a ranking or tier system whereby each time an avatar reaches one of these levels, they’re also achieving a new rank or tier that has to be unlocked with CLNY; the rank or tier could also be an added attribute on NFTkey, adding resale value to your avatar since the higher your rank/tier the more rewards can be earned from it

Rarity-based Advantages

  • An additional 5% for rare avatars and 10% for legendary avatars is given to:
  • % of XP rewards
  • % of CLNY rewards
  • % of ORE rewards
  • % chance of successful chance-based missions or rewards

Good stuff here. @eugenefinch @father thoughts?