Missions have (nearly) arrived

The wait is over, and the next wait is just beginning (but will be considerably shorter)!

That’s right, the first mission minigame is about to go live.

What does that mean?

Well, long story short, you now have a way to use your avatars and earn XP so you can grind away at leveling.

Don’t have an avatar, or want an extra? Follow these steps!

For now, your skill is almost irrelevant. But it won’t be that way for long, so don’t get used to it. Although, we’ll be keeping this mission to allow for people who don’t want to dedicate their entire lives to playing (though I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t).

The first mission you’ll be able to play is simple: In Hacker Training, you must mash random buttons and pretend to be a programmer restoring communications to your base station.

If you can generate enough code within 10 minutes, you’ll earn a certain amount of XP, which can then be used to level up your avatar. As an EL33T HAX0R myself, I completed it in a minute :sunglasses:

It looked a bit like this:

How many missions can I do?

Each avatar starts with enough stamina to perform 4 missions. As you upgrade, this can increase.

Power Plant upgrades determine how many missions can be performed on a plot, but before revenue sharing is introduced, there’s no consequence to which plot you use or how many are performed on a plot, so that’s irrelevant for right now.

That said, it’s probably a good time to upgrade, before things get more expensive. But of course, that’s not financial advice.

As for selecting land to play on, that’s irrelevant before guilds and revenue share, so when you click “Find mission” in your app, a plot will be randomly selected. (You can, however, play on your own plot by clicking into your base station, though it currently doesn’t make a difference).

What’s next?

Now that we’ve got the missions backend figured out, we’re able to iterate pretty quickly on future updates. This release ensures the backend reward mechanism is operating correctly, and serves as the springboard for future missions. But, as it stands, it’s a still just training ground of sorts.

The next few releases will include other minigames, skill-based missions, ORE, revenue share, and items and upgrades.

Better get leveling!

Oh yeah, and guilds

By the way, we’ve got a few guilds getting a head start on everyone else!

What are guilds?

Guilds are groups of people. Complicated, right?

But that’s just it — where a few gather, anything becomes possible. For example, we’ve got a guild forming that’s already designing their own merch, pooling resources, making a Twitter, and more. Another is organizing times to play games in their free time. I’ve even heard of one that wants to force a hostile takeover of Mars, but good luck to them.

Eventually, guilds will have space for collaboration and competition in-game, but can also be IRL organizations for social change, investing, DAO proposals, etc. Basically, imagine a big group of friends that share a common goal.

They’re mini colonies, of a sort.

If you’ve got a goal, start recruiting! Some community frameworks and more details for guilds will be coming very soon, so start thinking about what you’d do if you could start or join one (because you can).


Hey @brother , I get an error every time I try to start the coding challenge mission. I sign in MM, start coding but the timer never ticks down from 10:00 and then I get an error saying mission could not be started.

Thanks, this should be fixed now! If you run into another error, submit a bug here: User feedback tool - Upvoty

Works fine now! Is there a chart showing required XP to level up at each level?

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I guess the silver lining here is the missions can’t possibly get any worse than this. What is the point of the XP?

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