Monthly Community Call (May)

Hey, Martians :vulcan_salute:

The first recuring community monthly call will take a place next Tuesday.

Location: MarsColony Discord
Subject: Monthly updates: May progress, June plans & Q/A
Day: May 31
Time: 15:00 UTC

A lot of things to discuss, everyone is welcome!

– Nikita


Nice! Can’t wait, the image with time zones is :ok_hand:t2::fire::comet:


What is the planned lenght of the call? Thanks!

I will be working but I will try to clear my schedule to be able to attend.

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We will try to fit it into one hour!

I suggest recording it and putting it on YT channel :v:t2:


Yes as @andi has suggested, please have this call recorded! :v:


Anywhere we can listen to this?! Thanks!

I think it wasn’t recorded. Maybe if someone from the community recorded it?

it haven’t been recorded and we didn’t have a chance to do screen sharing. We will try to improve these two things before the next call.

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Where can we get the information that was discussed?

I think it’s easiest to do it with OBS. Then there’s an option to post a file in a dedicated channel or to upload it on yt. I would say yt is easies for the community to consume, we can listen to it without needing to download the file.

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Here’s the link to the presentation, showcasing the plan for the coming months:

Thanks @andi I like what I see in there. Increasing the utility of CLNY is a big one.

@father Another area that I know you are seeking to grow is the narrative aspect of Mars Colony. I am very lightly involved in Nuclear Nerds of the Accidental Apocalypse, and they are hyper narrative driven. They’re essentially crowd-sourcing a narrative. It may be worth looking into as it would allow the community lots of control over the narrative of Mars, while also offloading much of that work from you. If you go to “Story” then “Origin Story,” you can see how they use prompts to collect community ideas, and then the community votes on those ideas. The winning prompt answers then become the narrative for the next issue.

I appreciate all that you do for the community. I look forward to exploring Mars with you all!


You are welcome.
I like the narrative idea, @brother is doing something similar to that over at Twitter. It’s been a while since the last story post, but I’m sure you can find some.
I am also working on a third party story telling about the Mars Colony. :smiley:

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Hey @lolapal here is the plan that was discussed: Monthly product review May 2022 - #3 by srgmnr

Thanks for the idea, adding to my backlog.