Monthly product review May 2022

Guys please take a look to my ideas for this game and what they should be focusing on delevering:


thanks, @andi. Appreciate you time sharing ideas earlier this week.

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Going to review this idea with my team. Stealing CLNY can be an option.

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Can you think about making the chances of dropping the utility boxes increase with every level and als increase with the martian rarity you have, maybe you could also include the plot level, but i dont know how that would work, because alot if people have more than 1 plot.
It doesnt need to be increased enormously, a little bit would already be enough for people to level their martians i think.
And are you considering them being openable ? if so maybe with a cost of clny (in the way of you have to buy a key for x CLNY, but you can also drop the key in the missions with a smaller chance than the boxes)?

Yes, we do have this dependency. Martian level affects chances of getting a utility box.
Yes, they will be openable too. To open, we will have to burn CLNY. Opening boxes will become possible when the new mission type will be launched.


My feedback:

Feature 6 - Only die hards will do this. Timing for this is wrong, sentiment is too negative at this point to draw in locks for a full year. Maybe consider much shorter lockup periods, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 3 months are all good options. A full year, in my opinion will not get much support at this point. This should be put on a lower priority of development, in my opinion. Features 3 and 8 have a much higher priority in my opinion.

The rest of the features, in my opinion, are not as critical as providing utility within the game. Need to work out some ideas/features that include burn mechanics in the near future.

Hiring more developers is a critical step to achieving a faster production rate. Front-end engineers are not as important right now, we need CLNY utility. What plans are on the table to address this? Again, I’m a nobody, but this is where I think the project at this stage needs to be focused on.

Polygon launch was a failure because of the lost faith from the community. Time to get on track with Missions, Token Utility, and burn features. I don’t really care too much about burn features, as that is not as important to me as Token circulation. Put CLNY into Community Treasury with a low percentage burn, 1% or so, but I would be a bit weary of burn mechanisms right now. Take a look at Cosmic Universe Wizard staking. That model is great. Make each mission cost X CLNY and let them run their own course without supervision at this point.

Maybe 10 CLNY to send them on missions to start with to keep the costs low. Gradually raise the cost for higher levels. Just throwing out an idea. Not sure if anyone else has mentioned other suggestions, I’m just reading the top portion of the post since I have limited time.

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Consider of integrating a fine mechanism and collect CLNY from the inactive Martians, in a pool to reward the actual players. For example, if John is inactive for 7 days, then after the 7 days of period %3 of his basic income goes into a CLNY pool to be shared amongst the leaders or active players/stakers.


Thanks for your feedback.

CLNY staking can potentially open door to decentralized governance. At some point in time, we need to let people who hold and not dump tokens to vote and decide on initiatives.

Hiring more devs is needed on front-end side as we need a lot of visuals, gameplay and other tools stimulating utility and engagement. We don’t have any blockers from back-end side. CLNY utility will be coming from the play-to-earn outlined above. Passive emissions will be replaced with missions and revenue share component will be added. Amortization of facilities is to be added too.

Polygon launch was not a failure. I agree that communication should have been better, but we continue with that and will be rolling it out soon.
Checked up wizard staking, UI looks nice, but we are going to make it even better. We will have cryo-pods purchases for CLNY and energy refills resulting in CLNY burn. Each time you put an avatar into cryo-pod, energy gets deducted.


Idea is cool and should stimulate more users to play at least once per week.
Will consider it , thanks

You want CLNY to stop being dumped? Simple, deliver on the promises made. Putting in locking mechanisms in exchange for votes is not what I want for this project. I’m not sure how the rest of the community feels, but if we had a voting system, i.e. governance, we could get to this understanding faster. Give people confidence that you are able to deliver in a timely manner. There should be weekly releases that are seen, i.e. new missions.

Passive emissions being replaced is also something I don’t want. Again, if we had a voting system, we could get a much better understanding of what the community wants.

Lastly, Polygon launch, well, let’s just say we can just agree to disagree on that, since it is a matter of opinion and perspective.

But I do understand the challenges ahead. You say you want feedback from the community and yet you still go down your own path. Is this how it was envisioned from the beginning? Because I understood that you wanted the community to guide the direction of the project.



We are improving our dev process, as well as providing more insights into short-term dev plan here.
Weekly releases cannot be possible for all feature sizes (e.g. some features are larger than one week of development.

Passive income emissions, this is something that community has voted for (called combined proposal - both rev sharing and new token)
Check out voting stats here

Click on button “Read”

  • query 5. items - put 0, 1 or 2 there and see voting options
  • query 8. totalVotesFor for same 0, 1, 2 options

Polygon option, I assume community has agreed when expressing interest in pre-mint campaign. The rest is a matter of miscommunication. We are hiring new community manager to improve this

On the last point. We want to be community governed, and that’s something we will be adopting once we address play-to-earn aspects and utility. But at the same time, the project has its vision and directions, which we outlined in our initial plan. For example, launching more planets on other chain was the part of the initial plan.

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Hi all,

It’s June 06, and we have completed our first one-week sprint with the goal "Small steps to CLNY utilization "

Speaking of the things we have accomplished:

  1. Move facilities (e.g. base station) on land features has been deployed. Now anyone who has land can start moving around their buildings. Each time you move facilities, CLNY tokens are being burned. This is the first step towards CLNY utilization. Feel free to test out this feature and let us know if you like it.

  1. A new buildings’ menu, to better manage your building from the landscape view.

  1. Utility boxes - major development work has been done, and we are looking to accomplish this feature in the current sprint.

  2. Picked up the new item in our sprint - cryo-pods for avatars to passively earn XP (aka avatar staking). Will start working on it this week after utility boxes.

  3. Started working on the design for a new roadmap items such as mining missions, and leaderboard.

  4. Finalized revenue-sharing transitioning plan and will be adding it as a separate item to our roadmap.

  5. Continue hiring front-end engineers and will be sharing job description to community for better visibility.


Thanks guys! I know its tough going with all that negativity thrown at you, but just keep moving…


Interesting idea, but it shouldn’t come out before the missions are released in all of it’s glory.
After the final versions of missions are released, I think this makes sense.

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This is nice! It’s giving the impression of things moving into the right direction.
I would only advise to do it like the weekly reports were done so far. Combine what brother is writing with this Sprint-based report into the current format of weekly report and post them as a one thread. :v:t2:

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Just a question, coz maybe I missed something.

Why should I move buildings? Is there a reason to do it ?


Number 7.

Front end UX engineering lead here (global casino software engineer), give me a shout if you’d like someone to help build, manage, and/or give input.


@eugenefinch It would be nice to know for Item #1 why moving is required other than an incorrectly placed building so that other users know the current and potential value of this improvement.

It is understood that this is needed for simplistic functions of any game, IE if you can build a building it should be able to be used/moved, if avatars are purchased they should be able to be played/named/renamed, etc.

Currently this is a CLNY Utilization with no repeatable function. Max use case is 21k x4 buildings x5 CLNY = 420k CLNY potential burn. Based on current responses however it seems like much less than 1% would actually use this function to move a building.

My question (as others have asked) is will there be further use case for buildings to be moved?

I have many thoughts on this topic but IE, if there was an event like a meteor strike (think original Simcity disaster style) that occurred at a random interval, on a random plot and was required to move a building to avoid taking damage. This event would also require a CLNY repair if the building was not moved. In this example there is a 2 for 1 utilization because the repeatability of moving and repair is now infinite.


I like this, Martians need a place to sin and have fun.

I like your idea for the “move buildings” utility! To move it because there is going to be a meteor shower, but I would make it to be a rare event. With a probability to strike the same land once every few months, anything more often would be ridiculous. Also it makes sense to be able to repair the building once it’s damaged. It should be a little bit more then a cost of moving it at the first place. All the functionalities of the damaged building should be paused until it’s repaired, and to repair it should take a little bit of time. Let’s say depending on size of meteor shower it could take from 10 minutes to a few hours.
I like your idea, what do you think of my interpretation?