Monthly Update Newsletter — January 2022

(Graphic shamelessly stolen from a NASA official gif uploaded to giphy)

On Earth, it’s February 1st, 2022.

Here on Mars, according to a calendar that began in 1953 decided by some random researchers, it’s year 37. If you were paying attention and recognized that the math doesn’t add up, that’s because the Martian year is 668 days/rotations (called sols), which are a few minutes longer than the average Earth rotation. There is currently no agreed-upon way to use the Martian moons to conveniently divide that year into months.

Please familiarize yourselves with these numbers. Nobody likes homework, but colonizing Mars is quite literally the work of creating a home, so no complaining.

Status update

The galactic greeting is, “Forward,” which should remind you that, however long this week has felt since our last weekly update, we are, in fact, still building.

But since nothing is certain in space (or on Earth, for that matter), I figured it might be helpful for me to give you a brief update on what was done last Earth-month, and what we’re working on in the month ahead:

January Progress


Our team grew in January.

I, for one, joined the colonies. And in the last week, we welcomed one front-end developer, one graphic architect, and one community member, as well as a couple graphic designers. Of course, we’ll continue to grow in February and beyond.

Anyone who knows me (relatively few, at this point) would tell you I have a tendency toward verbosity, if they were the kind of people who would share such personal details. So, from this point on, I’ll stick as well as I can to bullet points, so you don’t spend a martian year reading this letter. If you have questions about any of the points I list below, feel free to ask in the comments.


  • Built and internally tested liquidity provision, negotiated auditing contract
  • Planned for the graphic orientation of the MC game
  • Began design of the game user-interface (specifically for land plots)
  • Began implementation of the Avatar development plan
  • Fixed CoinMarketCap issues
  • Launched MC app on the mainnet
  • Integrated MC plots with NFTKey


  • Invited community feedback on Avatar designs
  • Hosted one of many AMAs
  • Reorganized the forum (in progress)
  • Gathered community moderator recommendations
  • Designed new roles (TBA) for Martians
  • Held multiple giveaways and airdrops
  • Organized Martian history/lore (TBA)
  • Designed an ambassador program (TBA)

In January, since it was the first month we’d launched on the mainnet and I arrived halfway through, the updates are primarily things you won’t have seen yet. To be fair, I could have made them all up and you wouldn’t be able to tell until they’re actually released.

Of course, that’s not what happened, but you’ll just have to trust me.

Since I know someone on Twitter will screenshot this and say something like “Does this sound like a qualified team? Crypto should be trustless, and they’re saying to trust them!”, I’ll say here that I’m only joking, and most of this stuff will be released in the first half of February.

Which brings me to

February goals

In February, you can pretty much guess what the goals are. We’re so early, we still have to release most of the foundational products like the DEX, LP, avatars, etc. And that’s exactly what we’ll be doing this month.

On the product side, you know what to expect, because you’ve been asking for it. However, there are some exciting narrative and community role updates I think you’ll find exciting and surprising.

But, like, where are all the charts and numbers, and stuff?

It’s been a month.

I’d love to chart out liquidity, sale volume, CLNY price changes (I will never do CLNY price charts, mark my words), etc, but they’re irrelevant right now. There’s hardly any data to be shared, other than the fact that land plot NFTs sold out three days into release.

When LP is released, I’ll start graphing stuff (except CLNY price). Someone else can do that.

In the meantime, take a load off, and enjoy the process. Before it’s decentralized, you don’t really have any heavy lifting to do, and we’re just as excited to kickstart this metaverse as you are.

So if you want to share your questions, concerns, criticisms, thoughts, ideas, hopes, dreams, and family recipes, feel free to do so in a post here on the forum, or in the Discord.


— brother.


Forward. :v::sunglasses: Thanks for sharing.


keep up the good work brother…


Thanks guys. Can’t wait to see our beloved Mars developed


Forward. Rock on! The project is still young and has many more hurdles ahead, but with persistence and perseverance, we will endure and colonize a new world.


Thank you for your honest work! :mechanical_arm:


Awesome update! You are all doing great work!


patients is a virtue my martian friends