Music for the Game (submission)

Aloha Martians,

I have recently uploaded some old tracks of mine to SoundCloud that I thought could possibly work for the game. I’ve always wanted to write the soundtrack for a movie or video game. Give them a listen and let me know what you think.

They may not be the best fit for a Mars vibe but if you guys like what you hear (especially the team) I could write some stuff specifically for the game.


I…I love it. :smiling_face_with_tear: I especially loved “Boom Pow,” which is the piece that I find most fitting for Mars Colony. I could imagine it (or a revised version that further emphasizes sci-fi themes and atmosphere) as an overworld tune for Mars Colony.

Great work on this! My thoughts: definitely write some stuff specifically for the game; I’d love to hear your work in Mars Colony.


You are too kind. Thank you for the feedback! :pray:


Amazing work ser!
Would love to see some specific themes for MarsColony!

BTW, its not relevant to this subject, but have you seen the chart of $CLNY ?

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I like it!! They can be played while doing some dramatic quests :smiley:

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this sound like a soundtrack for a conspiracy tv show haha

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