My application and how I can benefit the Mars Colony.

Who am I?
I’m an enthusiastic participant in the harmony ecosystem with a passion for helping small projects get on their feet and grow their communities. I love asking new developers and project leaders the difficult questions and getting information out to the community. Here will be no different.

My Experience?
I am currently in a community management/marketing position in 2 other NFT-based projects on the Harmony network, where I have helped develop the size of both relative discord servers and bring in community suggestions. I would help use my outreach to grow our community. Furthermore, I provide my own feedback directly to the dev teams for additional changes, tapping into 4 years of crypto experience and 6 months of experience within the Harmony ecosystem specifically.

I also have experience writing about blockchain academically, Last year I completed a project detailing the pros and cons of using a blockchain database for the storage of NHS patient medical records.

(It’s a bit of a long read but I would be happy to provide it!)

What will I deliver and in what timeline?
With appropriate funding, I will create media describing Mars Colony, explaining the mechanics and write tutorials on developing your land plots etc. I plan to market specifically the mars colony forum (a strength of this project) and hope that it becomes a hub for all things mars colony! In the immediate future I want to flesh out the discord server to inspire more community engagement in those channels.

In terms of specifics, with appropriate funding, I will aim to grow our discord community to 1000 members within my first 100 days (3 months). Also, I would be happy to write as many medium articles (and mars colony articles alike) that are needed for those first 100 days, detailing new developments, upcoming events and other such changes to the project.

What reward would I like to receive?
For 3 months, I would expect anywhere between 5000-15000 ONE… this to be negotiated! Assuming I am being considered for a position with the colony team, I would prefer to voice call with a member of the team for further discussion as the amount I expect to be paid for any job is obviously dependent on how many hours I am expected to do/what role I take in the colony.


Always support you!