New Mars Colony roles — sneak peek

New roles TBA soon

Forward, Martians.

Soon, this forum will be reorganzied, cleaned up, and expanded. New educational materials will be published, along with a library of sorts to be able to navigate them. Among new forum categories will also be a first iteration of a kind of community governance (but not around core development initiatives, which will come later).

When this change occurs, I’ll also be announcing new roles for you to earn. These will come with certain perks (some monetary, some not) and access (based on the type of role), as well as titles both here on the forum and on the Mars Colony Discord, which is also getting a bit of reorganization.

The much-requested moderator role will be just one of what is currently 12 role types.

We’ll need to earn it

I can’t detail the perks here, partially because they are role-specific and partially because they aren’t set in stone.

However, it should be noted that these roles will be competitive and must be earned and maintained. There isn’t a limited number of people that can hold each role, with two exceptions (one of which is the moderator role, which will be hand-picked by me for now), nor is there a limit to how many roles a person can have, but we’ll need to work to maintain our titles (just like in real life.


Because, other projects might not take themselves seriously, but we do. Just because this is the metaverse/internet doesn’t mean this isn’t real life. With these titles will come clout, and free clout isn’t worth anything. And just like in real life, if we want a title, we have to do the work to earn it.

These titles will be status and personalization, a combination of community and individualism in the Martian society.

It’s gonna be dope af, if I’m honest.

Decentralization and community governance

I welcome ideas for community roles, the perks that come with them, as well as the requirements to earn them.

However —

If you don’t already know, Mars Colony is not yet decentralized.

This will happen, but it won’t happen all at once. This is my favorite community I’ve been a part of so far, with good ideas and passionate people, but building a project like this at this stage of the DAO paradigm in society requires a more efficient execution of a strong, cohesive vision (the core team’s), which will then be handed off to the community to do with as they please.

Our goal is to set you guys up with a system that works, so community governance can hit the ground running, without having to negotiate so much. It took the United States centuries to find a half-functional governance system that was still segregated in your grandmother’s life time, and they plagiarized half of that system. And that’s considered a good example. We’re trying to do it better in a year. But after that, unlike any Earth government, we’re relinquishing control.

So, since we’re building that system for you, of course we welcome your ideas. It helps us know what to build. Please share them. Just be prepared in advance with the understanding that there’s a decent chance we won’t use most of your ideas yet.

If we don’t, understand that we’re trying to most efficiently build this thing, and have some experience in this. That doesn’t mean your idea isn’t worth implementing.


I know this isn’t much of a sneak peek, and that all of this is pretty vague at this point. I wanted to clue you in to what’s coming, but I also quite like surprises (especially when I’m the one planning them and keeping all the information secret :smiling_imp:). Plus, there are a few nuggets in here if you dig right.

In the meantime, keep being the awesome, engaged Martians you are and feel free to drop your ideas for community roles in the replies.


— brother


So pumped on this project! I am so hopeful for the potential it has to change mine and so many other’s lives as well as changing the game-fi world!


Looking forward to these roles as well as the re-organization of forums and Discord, thx!


Noice. This is exciting.

Forward. :v::sunglasses:


I don’t understand much of it means but seems great, can feel the hype


I look forward to seeing what the team brings. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the community. Peace be with you!


Looking forward to seeing what this project brings

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