New Universes to explore

When I read Brother’s last weekly update, I thought - yes, we need to be careful that each chain does not require specific dev work, in other words, if we can onboard each new chain in a similar rinse/repeat format as Harmony, dev work becomes scalable to multiple chains/planets/universes.

Now, outside the box thinking here of course, what if each chain was not Mars, what if each chain was not equal to a planet. What if each chain is another universe and Harmony is our current universe, it would create a model that could infinitely scale, multiple planets on a single chain, tying a chain to a universe could key on the word ‘Colony’ instead of ‘Mars’ thereby creating an infinite growth strategy only limited by the imagination of what makes each universe/planet/chain have it’s own lore and unique attributes, quests, and societal challenges

Penny for your thoughts, I like what you all are doing but, before you create another Mars maybe there is a more lucrative path, cheers

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Good point but it has already been disclosed by father that the lore will be something like the marscolony exploration disrupted the fabric of space time continuum and open the multiverse of something like that. So the idea is already out they just haven’t formaly anounced yet as they dealing with more pressing stuff.

But yeah the system will be similar and all harmony developmentbwill be easily deployed in other chains without adding to much strain on the team so the idea is developing here on Harmony first and then port it to other chains.

The chains will be interconectable and there will be trade if special items and even cojointed crosschain m8ssions in the future.

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Thanks @ImpactFrames

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