NFT mechanics for the future NFT drops

I was thinking about the NFT drops for the lands. I hope it’s not an airdrop but a single time mint for each land.


You gain a perk for NOT minting and gain a different perk for minting.

That would give un-minted NFT lands a higher FP if someone wanted to sell without minting.
Allow someone to sell the NFT or the land separately. They would have their own FP.
Owning at least two plots an un-minted NFT plot and a minted plot would give you the advantage of both and simultaneously have a positive increase the FP and demand.

This would be a unique mechanic and have it’s own advantages and disadvantages requiring new gaming strategy where MINTING becomes a strategy.

This could further be enhanced by having a “garrison strategy” where POST-Mint takes place. Say by garrison an NFT into the original or different plot (from where it was originally minted) gives a perk and can allow mix and matching NFT’s with Plots. Plots can also be sold with non-native NFT that way FP will increase for both.

I think garrison should be on a travel timing ex. if going from one plot to the other side of the planet.

Let me know, I’ll update as I keep thinking about this.