ORE proposal - let’s discuss :)

I led the group behind the ORE proposal. I’m hoping to initiate some more discussion and expand on it after recognizing how woefully incomplete it is and I’ve already addressed some of the missing pieces in the thread. If you’re interested I’d love to talk more about it. Hope I see you there! :smile:

Hi @Durb, I’m responding to your response in the proposal thread here becomes I can’t reply atm until someone replies to me.

Thank you for the input. I agree, I don’t want ORE to be dumped for CLNY but I also want there to be enough incentive to attract new players by giving them access to a small amount of profits. Much in the same way that landowners are willing to sacrifice CLNY now by upgrading in order to increase emissions I think the same kind of incentive is present with ORE.

In this model there is no XP. Avatar upgrades can only come from minerals and/or CLNY so that an avatar is not able to improve its mining speed via XP alone which incentivizes them to hold their ORE rather than sell in order to increase their earning potential later.

Until items and avatar upgrades are available, the earning potential of all avatars would be relatively low and the incentive to hold should prevent any major impact on the price of CLNY.

As for occasional CLNY rewards for missions I think that’s a cool idea. I’ll have to think more about how that could work. Maybe every 5th or 10th completed mission would give a CLNY bonus incentivizing players to keep returning. :smiley:

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Love the name, it sounds like a good contribution to l-ORE as well :rofl: