Other NFT except land nft? Proposal

Hopefully there will be an airdropped to those who entitled for the land nft owners, like airdropped for character nft etc. In order the land will be more expensive. 21k land owners, airdropped 21k characters and others 21k up will be given from the devs


Hopefully this will be implemented
I will just add that there should be 1nft per unique holder to make the NFT scarce,
For example
If there are 1500 unique holders
Then the GEN0 NFTs hould be 2000

1500 will be airdropped to the 1500 unique owners and 500 will be sold at a high price.
It’s just a suggestion

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What if make it 21k hodlers

some people hold several plots tho

IDK what is best, but as an owner of multiple plots in one wallet, selfishly I would like to have one GEN0 NFT per plot. :slight_smile:

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Hence giving one NFT per “unique” holder. If you hold 1 plot or 1000plots, you get 1 NFT