Overall UI revamp release

Hello everyone!

We have released a first iteration of overall app UI revamp.

By saying that its the first iteration i mean that we’re now on a right path to a more user-friendly and convenient app interface. We will be upgrading it more and more from time to time to make the user experience in our app the best. :heart:

You can check the new UI in Harmony app and Polygon app.


This looks great! Really appreciate the added features that will be available from this.

One thing I suggested (and know you have already seen) is perhaps just a recolor on Harmony Mars backgrounds. The planet is blue under “Home” and the mountains are blue under “Play”. Adjusting the color to red would help with differentiation between chains. As an owner of both ONE and MATIC a color difference would make it much easier for me to identify.

Plus extra style bonus :sunglasses: