Playing devil's advocate - this game needs to accomplish things well beyond what's promised to be successful

Yes this is FUD if you want to dumb it down to an acronym, but it’s warranted and I would appreciate if people didn’t shy away from acknowledging it, if possible.

In its infant form, MarsColony will be just another run-of-the-mill scarcity/hype product with simple contracts and “clicking simulator” functionality masking a high APR money printer. The LAND presale just shows how little people care about fundamentals and throw their money into projects expecting to become the next crypto whales. As much as it may hurt to hear it, almost everyone bought in with the intention of becoming a millionaire, and that’s pretty much it. We’ve seen this story time and time again, and atrocious copy-paste projects (cough HarmonyWhales, the million DEX’s that are about to open, etc) scream 2017-2018 ICO mania vibes.

The gold standards for ANY meaningful NFT game launching on Harmony today are games like Gods Unchained, Star Atlas, and to a lesser extent DFK and Axie. However, in a space that’s so rapidly evolving, even that may not be enough. By the time some of the promised roadmap features are ready to launch, AAA titles on other blockchains will be up and running or close - games built by companies with so many more resources working on them than the entire Harmony dApp ecosystem combined, and brand/quality clout already established.

Games like this are at high risk of becoming obsolete with newer, shinier things within a span of a few months. There’s nothing stopping Ubisoft from developing a AAA RPG with a DEX, in game cryptocurrency, cross-platform play with bridges/even single chain. The hardest part of that process would be to actually develop the game itself, not any of the underlying infrastructure.

DFK is one of the few games that stands out among others because it has some of the best tokenomics of any dApp ever released (I don’t say that lightly) and has really financially literate team members who worked out most edge cases and gamification scenarios. It’s very rare to see a game that has people who are DIVERTING funds from high APR LP pools into staking, heroes, summoning, and questing, which are all core pieces of the game.

I don’t see nearly the level of sophistication in the tokenomics here. You can argue that CLNY doesn’t need to be as sophisticated due to the game’s current simplicity, but the vision here is to create a complex virtual world and open slate for almost anything (although how much so is very much TBD).

Does this team have the scope, vision, and capability to build a ground-breaking game? I’m talking about things such as:

  1. Full blown tokenomics to (for example), rent out land to folks who don’t have the capital to buy a plot but still participate in the game, or how expansion of the game leads to new rewards, etc

  2. Cross chain expansion and interoperability finely detailed for those who are interested

  3. The ability to introduce features that will be on several titles within the next year or so, such as a VR universe to explore Mars (and other planets), RTS/FPS game design on top of the base layer, land-holder relationships to build and expand in groups or guilds, etc? I haven’t seen, read, or heard anything about real ideas that set a game like this apart from any other re-skinned LP farm and DEX with click simulation building…And the challenges with introducing each one of these examples require a full second team alone.

Not trying to s*** on the project, but honestly curious if folks have thought through the question “If this game wasn’t released in the middle of the NFT and crypto hype, would people care?” I have not been convinced yet by any games except for the few I mentioned above that the answer is a resounding “YES”.


This is only for a 3day old project so hopefully stay tune! Dont be negative, just think positive and it already harmony grant this and most of the harmony staff are followed in the twitter


Hey @BreadWinner appreciate your honest opinion! This forum was created exactly for sharing ideas, problems and discuss the best solution of it.

I do agree with you that craziness is going around. I think it’s because people feel fomo and try to jump in every promising project.

From our point of view, we didn’t expect so high demand. At the same time, it’s a huge motivation for us to keep moving forward.

In terms of vision

Lending is one of the products we consider building next. I think it’s one of the must have features for the project success. Feel free to contribute with the mechanics and design on how it should work.

This feature is already in work. We are thinking about interoperability and how to bring MarsColony to another chain. There is even a post on the forum about multichain.

Our Product lead will be able to give you a better answer. cc @eugenefinch

I hope people will care about MarsColony and not about getting rich quickly. In the end we want to build products that will be useful and used by all our users.


Thanks for your feedback. I would agree with you about the aforementioned games, dfk and others are definitely great.

What we’re trying to create here, is to build a product people will love and build it with cooperation with users who invest and contribute to a project

We are building MarsColony iteratively, adjusting to user needs and scenarios we’re facing along the way. For example, we noticed that some users were buying enormous number of land pieces, that we are trying to address now with either a concept of renting land or building up cities on Mars poles.

I will probably not be able to address here all these questions, especially on the VR side, as unlike other project, we don’t want to overpromise something we are not going to build.

With that being said, we are going to publish more detailed roadmap and game mechanics in the nearest time and I hope you and the rest of community will have a chance to review it and share your thoughts.


Sorry but not here to think positive, just objectively. Harmony funding doesn’t have much merit to me, other than KYC process which means that at least the devs are doxxed. Harmony team isn’t doing some insane due diligence and scrutinizing projects deeply like a VC or PE-backing would require…they are basically throwing money they have raised from outside investors to fund projects that have a basic business plan and a rudimentary MVP.

To clarify, I’m not saying the team is shady or the project is a scam, but honestly almost all of the “roadmaps” and projects I’ve seen funded are a one-week sprint for a single junior developer working at a FAANG. In other words, they are projects that can be created, business plan and all, by any junior software developer with 10k to spare.

Thanks for the response! I appreciate the detail and your points address some of my concerns, but not all.

What I’m mainly trying to understand is what do you guys have planned that is not a crowd-sourced idea (roadmap and all docs on your website are way too high level so glad to hear that a more detailed roadmap is soon to launch!).

It’s great that the community is engaged but, for example, lending is something that was suggested by a user who posted here a few days ago. It should have been one of the most obvious features to already include in the roadmap as a guaranteed release within the next few weeks. Right now, you’re completely limiting the total player pool when you have the greatest hype that you may ever have. Lending should have been a priority from the get-go to accommodate more users early into the game’s life, but now you have a game that is only going to have 21000 concurrent users at any given time. Scarcity is cool if you have the hype to back it, but as soon as people lose interest in this project and move onto something newer that they can get into, your 21000 cap suddenly becomes complete project suicide.

I don’t think the development required to release most of the features in the current roadmap should take longer than a few weeks at most with a skilled, full time team of a few people. Most of the underlying protocol should just be copy-paste given how basic it is.

I know I’m probably being difficult, so appreciate your acknowledgment. It’s not easy to confront the bearish outlooks on your project as much as the bullish ones :slight_smile:

I just don’t see anyone asking these questions or raising these points, probably because of all the new-age crypto bros don’t know much about blockchain dev and dApp ecosystem dating back to 2016 beyond what a DEX is and how to yield farm (I don’t blame them, these users are good for adoption, and good for whales when they become eventual bagholders).

For reference, everything being done with projects like this today, including DFK, was done with dApps like Cryptokitties (NFT game with stats, breeding, rarities on Ethereum) and EtherDelta (DEX for trading ERC-20 tokens) in 2016. There’s nothing new so far beyond a new blockchain to run it all.


Hey @BreadWinner

You are more than right here. MarsColony got hyped, and we didn’t plan it. As you saw the presale schedule was planned for 14 days. And the hype changed everything dramatically. We got a thousand users within just 3 days, it’s insane, but probably this is what crypto is about. You can become a star or loser just in one night.

We were transparent about MarsColony direction and milestones since the beginning and planned our road map according to the resources we had.

Want to remind you that we stared MarsColony back in June, and rebuild several time the app, and system coz it wasn’t good enough

Of course, after we got so much interest from the community we are going to hire more team members and speed up the development.

I see that you are in the game for six years, and you have a lot of experience unlike us, and I also understand that you care about the project, otherwise you wouldn’t register here, and wound’t spend time chatting with us. I do appreciate it, honestly.

So I suggest, instead of putting pressure on us, help us. We are here, and we are building. If you know what is the best feature to come next, let us know, if you know devs who can join our team, let us know. We are more than happy to collaborate with everyone and we expect the community to be very active in the development Mars and other colonies around the world.

Personally, I do not want to copy-paste any of existed projects, we come to web3 to create something new, something that wasn’t here before. @BreadWinner if you have crazy futuristic ideas we would love to discuss them too.

With respect and love :heart:


Fantastic response. You guys are doing well. Keep it up.