Polygon Colony is LIVE

Hey Martians, congratulation to all of us!

June 16, 2022

It is the day when we started the colonization of the Polygon planet !

Polygon colonization is a new chance to build a sustainable web3 society that will be able to produce real-world value, generate income and govern itself.

About MarsColony

Mars Colony is an intergalactic meta-society of the future. Each planet will be environmentally unique, with its own topography, weather, resources, and lifeforms. Linking all colonies for interchain play will create a diverse and resilient Colony and economy.

  1. Unique idea of creation a new type of society for Metaverse (whitepaper)
  2. Fair tokenomic with 100% community ownership (tokenomic)
  3. Gamified colonization approach (app)

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Economic Specifics at Polygon Colony

Polygon tokenomic has a fixed minting supply of 21,000,000 pCLNY in the first year. It will decrease every year to ≈ 8.5% until the max supply of 144,800,000 CLNYis reached.

It means that in the first year, will be distributed 21,000,000 pCLNY tokens no matter how many NFT lands are claimed, 3,000 11,000 or 21,000.

For example, if 21,000 NFTs are claimed, each piece will generate 1,000 pCLNY per year by default; if 3,000 NFTs are claimed, each NFT will generate 7,000 pCLNY per year accordingly.

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NFT Claiming details

NFT Land to claim 21,000 pieces
Claiming currency MATIC
Claiming fee 410 MATIC / Piece
Launch discount 49%
Discounted claiming fee* 210 MATIC / NFT Land

*For allowlist minters, a 49% discount will be given to support early adopters. Around the time of the public launch, the fee will return to 410 MATIC.

This is a tradition that started with the first colony (in the form of a 48-hour discount) and will likely continue moving forward to reward early supporters on each chain.

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