Polygon Society Improvements

“As much as we wished, Marscolony’s Polygon planet didn’t start with a bang and explosive traction, but with a whimper.”
Of 21 thousand land plots, less than four thousand have been minted in the first three months of the project lifecycle. Moreover, players are not as engaged with the game as expected.

We analyzed what had happened and came up with the following thoughts:

<Challenge 1>. Multiverse idea doesn’t seem to be working

As much as we all like the ideas of the Multiverse and parallel worlds, people won’t be interested in minting and owning land on a planet that does not exist, and they never heard of.
We all need something realistic that resonates with our souls and is close to our hearts—for instance, the Moon. Our Moon affects us. We can see it with our bare eyes; it gives us tidal waves, lunar eclipses, and many other things.

With that said, I believe we can revive the Polygon planet by migrating it to a world or a moon that exists in our solar system. A planet that our successors can potentially settle in the future and make their home.

Few options I would like to propose:

a) Neptune - it’s blue and looks like an existing polygon planet; the drawback is it is a gas giant. Bummer, but who stops us from going a little bit of sci-fi here and adding a solid surface to Neptune)

b) Moons, like Europa or Titan, can contain water and become potentially habitable to humans.

  • Titan

  • Europa

c) Our Moon. Who said we couldn’t settle it? It resonates with us and is the closest object we can set foot on.

<Challenge 2>. Lack of vision and Marscolony land value

Lack of vision: to address long-term plans and vision regarding marscolony gameplay, I’ll be publishing a new guide in the next few days.

Land: it appears there’s been a misconception about Marscolony land. Some people treat it as an investment, others as equity/share or their home. To articulate a bit on the value of MC land, I would like to present it from functional, economic, and non-functional perspectives:

In-game asset, Each Marscolony NFT is a token to the MC world. It allows its holders to play, build a colony and compete with other players in terms of civilization development level.

Economic And not just that, landowners have ultimate rights to collect economic benefits from their land. Every mission that takes part on the land yields a reward (CLNY, NFT) to the landlord. In addition, Mars colony land emits UBI (universal basic income) - a fixed % of CLNY allocated to the landowner daily.

Political In terms of non-functional value, you hold an NFT representing your ownership of land and a stake in the project. You can use this land to govern your planet, elect representatives and manage community treasury funds.

<Challenge 3>. Polygon land mint price

We started with the land price of 210 MATIC on pre-mint when MATIC’s price was approximately 65 cents. Now, as the Matic price went up and the pre-mint price is no longer active, the claim price of a land plot (410 Matic) creates a barrier for new users.

What should be the right price? Having analyzed various projects with the land offering and the current market reality, we believe 105 MATIC can be an appropriate price for a land plot.
How about users who minted land NFT at 210 or 410 MATIC?

Proposed solution:
a) Airdrop land plots on Polygon planet based on the updated price. (excluding those users who received land plot as a gift or reward)
(For example - Alice minted three plots at 210 MATIC, and after the price update to 105 MATIC Alice will receive three land plots, Bob minted one plot at 410 MATIC. After the price change, Bob will receive three more land plots)
b) Airdrop land plots on a new planet (October launch).
(Alice, who minted three land plots on Polygon, will receive three land plots on a new world)

Anything else you think we missed and can be improved? Let us know in the comment section.
To get the ball rolling, we’ll be initiating a series of voting to address some of these challenges.


A tip, first carry out such analyzes and only then find a planet. We have to think about where the journey is going. What is our end goal? How do we get there? If we don’t know where we’re going, we won’t get there. Does the name of the planet bring more success? I really think the problem is that the countries are too expensive and we’re slow going. (not a real game yet) I would also like more information, for example we have been talking about the minermession on harmony for months. But I still don’t know what they will look like and when the time will come. You have to know what to look forward to. Anticipation is the greatest joy.


Yes, mining mission are getting delayed, however we’re trying to launch them hopefully this month.
On the journey side, here’s the updated guide. Still in the progress https://docs.marscolony.io, but feel free to take a look.
Planet wise, is our view, based on discussions with people in and outside the community. We strongly believe it will help us bring more players.


As an idea to add to the ‘migration’ point; Should the Polygon planet (if migrated) have the number of available lands adjusted to replicate that planets appropriate size.

Basically Harmony Mars is 21k plots and could set the standard in terms of planet size. Other planets suggested are of varying sizes as well as many other planets/moons in our solar system to choose from.

Following along this thought since Polygon has so much land uncolonized…perhaps a planet or moon could be selected that would require the number of plots to be downsized. Maybe cut the planet in half to 10k plots or some other factor or percentage that makes sense.

In the future the next new planet size and # of plots could be selected once previous planet is fully colonized, market conditions and demand. Big demand, big planet. Small demand, small planet. Budget for each planet could follow its size.

Just a sample image to show some size comparison

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This would be the perfect time to have the community drive the narrative. These are not just emotionless choices that we need to make in message board discussion. These are fun, engaging, exciting choices that affect the story (both metacognitively and within the fictional world) of Mars and our space.

Can we put something together to allow community members to propose potential significant plot points in this narrative? And then, based on nft’s owned, we would vote on those points in the narrative. There would still need to be an individual or team who ties these plot points together into a cohesive narrative, but at least we’d have something with a little life. The above discussions are so bland and sterile. I feel like we’re talking about how many inches of intestine to cut out of a patient with IBS instead of a crazy weird fictional sci-fi world.

So what if we had a series of questions to drive community engagement with the plot points? And from then, we’d vote on the ones we like best.

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@FitzRoy thanks for your thoughts here, and I do like the idea for to consider various planet sizes i and market in calculating land plot supply.

However, few arguments in favor keeping 21k everywhere:

  • 21 million is bitcoin supply, and we thought it to be true to web 3 spirit;
  • The upgrades (facilities) landowners are purchasing, will be calculating planet development score (which includes both terraformation and technology development). With equal number of land plots, we will be able to better compare various colonies and see which one is winning.

On the pricing side, I agree, we might need to address this better so that planets will be fully occupied.

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I know I’m a broken record at this point, but I don’t think anyone is even hear to listen: This project is faltering because there is no narrative.

Those projects that are surviving the bear market are those that drive story. They are story-telling NFT’s. There is narrative.

I, like many, have gone into hibernation mode on this project. I hope it comes alive once the markets turn and interest returns to crypto. Until then, I’ll stack my CLNY.

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