Polygon voting result & next steps

Hey Martians! Thank you to everyone who contributed to the voting for choosing conditions on when Polygon Colony should be launched.

Fixed vs Dynamic date for Polygon mainnet launch.

Voting details

Voting took place between June 11 and June 13
Voting Duration: 48 hours

Voting options

Option 1: Launch mainent at the fixed date (June 16)
Option 2: Launch mainent when all NFT lands are claimed

Eligiblilty to vote

Polygon NFT land owners who claimed NFTs on pre-launch are eligible to vote.
1 NFT land - 1 Vote

Onchain voting contract: 0x164381C187810B08e91529db35557B4fBcF720F2

Proposal details →

Voting Results

Option 1 → 1214 votes :white_check_mark:

Option 2 → 275 votes :name_badge:

Verify onchain → A look into the voting mechanism

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Thank you to everyone who cast they’re voting! These days the industry experience hard times but we keep moving forward. Thank you for your contribution :heart:

Next steps

Within the next couple of days, Polygon Mainent will be launched. Here is a list of the actions wil be taken: :arrow_down:

1. Open pre-mint gateway :white_check_mark:

Available for Beta Testers and Whitelisted user
Status: Done

2. Migration to a new NFT contract :hourglass_flowing_sand:

Marketplaces can’t read the old one. NFT Land numbers and other attributes will remain the same for everyone who contributed on pre-launch.

Status: In progress

3. Close IDO and set up initial liquidity

Funds raised at the infinitelaunch.io IDO campaign will be used as planned into the initial liqdity. So far, there were raised ≈ $8k. It will be converted into Matic matched with pCLNY equivalent and added to the initial liquidity.

Status: To do

Due to the market conditions, it’s the only liquidity that will be added. All other liquidity injections will be considered upon reaching the milestone of the plane occupancy.

4. Adding MarsColony NFT to the distribution platform

MarsColony NFT will be added to liquidifty.io as one of the partners for the NFT distribution

Status: To do

5. Polygon Mainnet Launch

pCLNY emission will be started according to the Mars Colony: Tokenomic.

Status: To do

Further steps will be taken according to the MasrsColony: Road Map & Progress 2022

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