Proposal: Actual Mars artwork NFT

Hi Martians,

I love the current NFT and their updates according to our land upgrades. But I wanted to take it further, dream a little, and make these NFTs actual artworks themselves!

I have seen some artists in the NFT space focused on landscapes, those that have been auto-generated or manually made but never found something Martian.

Imagine having a piece of Mars and a unique Mars landscape NFT! It would make these so much more fun to trade and enjoy.

You can potentially burn your land (keeping all upgrades/attributes) and collect a new artwork, or receive this when fully upgrading your land. This unique NFT would be an excellent incentive for Martians to upgrade fully, as you will have an even more valuable NFT, an actual piece of art.

I like the citadels (see example). Imagine this in a Martian style landscape with futuristic buildings. Perhaps more minimalistic, creating something that people want to print and hang on their walls at home to showcase their piece of Mars (similar to the many Bored Apes I have seen).

An excellent extra to upgrade your land and enjoy a unique NFT. What do you think?

Example: Fantom Citadels (PaintSwap)


Example: DaVinci


I like the idea. It would give people a extra incentive to upgrade themselves. Even if they sell the land after they have the NFT that they were the ones that upgraded. Something like that would be quite valuable on the open market I assume and great for collectors.


Agreed! I think it is necessary to enhance the value of the project from many aspects, no matter from NFT building or CLNY’s economic system, so that this project is more worthy of investment.

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The idea of auto-generated landscapes is a good one. Each parcel should have its own unique artwork.

Parcels can be united in the future, so this point should be considered too. How the artwork of the estate (that consists of 3 parcels) should look like?

Parcel burning to release the artwork is not the case here. Artwork is not what has the core value in the parcel.


Yes. I don’t think he was proposing to change the current artwork. The random generated one is a great idea. He meant that people that upgrade the lands fully could receive a artwork in the end. But I do agree on a second thought such a demanding task it would be to have 21k artworks to send to people… So this should not be a priority or maybe should not be done at all. More important things to do that the team has on the roadmap.


This should be considered by the team to make sure holders upgrade their plot at max level! This will be cery exciting!


Some background on how we could do generative NFT’s:

Yes, I would be glad to see, how my Plot NFT picture changes with upgrades I’m making. I’m burning those CLNY via building those structures, but nothing happens next, except I generating more CLNY. Let it say, there is no upgrade gaming satisfaction at the moment… :smile:

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