Rescue & Resettlement

1. Introduction

On the 24th of June, 2022, our thriving ecosystem on Mars faced an unprecedented crisis. A notorious band of space pirates known as the Lazarus Group launched a covert attack, catching the Martian community off guard. The attack ravaged our colony’s financial reserves. Our plans for technological advancement, terraformation, and community growth were suddenly thrown into jeopardy, casting a shadow of uncertainty over the colony.

Galactic Council’s Intervention

The Galactic Council took a decisive stand in the wake of this catastrophe. Recognizing the gravity of the situation the Council extended a lifeline to the residents of Mars. They offered a beacon of hope: an opportunity for resettlement to a new, flourishing colony. This was not just an offer of new land but a promise of a fresh start, a chance to rebuild what we had lost.

2. Opportunities

In response to the vulnerabilities exposed by the Lazarus Group attack, the Galactic Council has taken a decisive step forward in ensuring the safety and prosperity of our community. We are proud to announce the beginning of developing our own L2 blockchain (AppChain), “MC Universe”, designed to fortify our defenses and safeguard all colonists from potential threats. This L2 system is not just a shield against external dangers; it represents a significant leap in our colony’s developmental capabilities, offering new layers of security and efficiency in our operations.

Rationale for Launching L2

Economic Benefits:
The recent history of transactions on Polygon paints a picture of untapped potential. With approximately 500,000 transactions generating revenue for Polygon’s blockchain, a crucial opportunity comes into focus. If MarsColony were to operate on its own L2 blockchain, these financial resources could be redirected into the MarsColony DAO. This strategic shift would allow us to channel funds more effectively, whether for project development or user rewards.

In launching our own network, MarsColony unlocks new customization possibilities. We’ll introduce custom gas mechanisms for efficient transactions, innovative referral systems to strengthen community engagement, and enhanced support for creators, directly at the protocol level.

Growth Potential:
Polygon colony’s current market capitalization, standing at a modest $200,000, presents not a limitation, but a huge growth potential. In the outer space of L2 blockchains, where giants like Polygon (mkt cap $7,9b), and Immutable (mkt cap $3b), dominate with their multi-billion-dollar valuations, Polygon colony’s smaller size is its greatest asset.

The New Hope Epoch

As we enter the New Hope era, we are introducing a number of innovative solutions that promise to redefine our experience.

At the center of these enhancements is the active role of $PCLNY as a governance token of the new L2 blockchain. In this new era, every piece of land on at Polygon colony’s plays a crucial role beyond its traditional use; it becomes a generator of L2 governance tokens. This innovative mechanism empowers landowners by linking land ownership with the ability to participate in the governance of the L2 network. The more $pCLNY tokens a settler mines from their land, the greater their influence and stake in decision-making processes.

3. Rescue & Resettlement

This campaign is planned to celebrate the second anniversary of the launch of MarsColony (01.06.2022), with a clear mission: safely transitioning every Martian settler to the new colony on Polygon. This campaign is not a relocation effort; it’s a comprehensive support program designed to ensure a recovery for Mars residents affected by the Lazarus Group attack.

Allocation of Resources

As part of this campaign, the Galactic Council has allocated specific resources to assist in resettlement. 10664 Polygon land plots will be allocated to Harmony landowners.


For those who have successfully managed and developed their plots on Mars, we extend our support in establishing their presence on Polygon. Considering the price ratio of MarsColony Harmony and Polygon, which amounted to 1.98 to 1, all calculations and wallets captured in the snapshot (December 1, 2023) are documented here

Our commitment to inclusivity remains unwavering, ensuring that every member of our community, regardless of their Mars holdings, has an opportunity on Polygon. Landlords with fewer than 2 plots on Mars will receive 1 plot on Polygon.

Resettlement Duration

Resettlement starts in early January and proceeds indefinitely, without any time constraints, as not all Martians have awakened from their bear hibernation. However, the planet continues to function as a free celestial body, and anyone interested can purchase the remaining land for ownership. Based on this, we will cater to the real demand from both sides - resettlers and actual buyers. Therefore, those who fail to claim land within the resettlement campaign before the complete sale of all Polygon land will miss their chance.

4. Preparations for the Transition

In our commitment to the success of the ‘Rescue and Resettlement’ campaign, we have implemented a state-of-the-art monitoring system. This initiative is not just about overseeing the process but actively engaging with every individual in this monumental transition.

Society Leaderboard Initiative

As part of the ‘New Hope’ epoch, we are excited to introduce the Society Leaderboard. This innovative feature fosters integration, competition, and growth among our settlers. The leaderboard tracks and displays the achievements of individuals and groups within the colony, encouraging healthy competition and community engagement. Settlers can climb up the ranks by contributing to the colony’s development, participating in missions, and excelling in various colony-building activities. This leaderboard is not just a measure of success; it’s a catalyst for societal development, inspiring settlers to contribute their best towards the growth of our new society on Polygon.


The path we have traveled since the devastating attack by the Lazarus Group has been challenging, yet it has revealed the unwavering strength and unity of our community. From the Galactic Council’s decisive intervention to the comprehensive ‘Rescue and Resettlement’ campaign, every step has been taken with a singular focus: to ensure the well-being and success of every Martian settler.

Now, as Polygon settlers, we embrace a host of new opportunities. The introduction of our own L2 blockchain (AppChain), ‘MC Universe’, is a testament to our commitment to security and technological advancement. Coupled with the innovative use of $PCLNY as governance tokens, we are pioneering a model of community-driven leadership and participation.

As we step into the future, we do so with the lessons of our past and the promise of ‘New Hope’. This epoch is not just a chapter in our history; it is a commitment to a vision of a society where prosperity is shared, and security is paramount.


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