[Share opinion] How to make this forum your new home?

Hey folks! This forum is our home. Let’s think all together about how we can make this forum a place where we can spend more time together!

Arranging home

Please share ideas on

  1. Which Section / Category / Subcategory you would like to see?
  2. Which information is the most important and should be continuously updated?
  3. What’s the best way to navigate around the forum?

Engaging & onboarding

Please share more thoughts on these topics

  1. Which community-building initiatives should we run on this forum?
  2. How can we start creating guilds by interest?
  3. How can we smoothly onboard new people?

Community Ideas, and news are the only things i am interested in tbh.

When i visit the forum, i would like to know, which topic i have already clicked on.
It would also be great if the topics from the team would be in another color or bold, so i can clearly see a difference. And there is too much going on, on the frontpage, in my opinion.

Maybe like this:

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How about starting sub-communities of interest (not exactly guilds). For example I’m an environmental engineer by profession and would love to connect and discuss environmental topics.
Also a poet by night, would love to connect with other writers and share poetry.

Wonderful collaborations can come off this too. In another group, I managed to connect and work with a couple of folks to add music to a poem I wrote and create a theme song for them!
Or if an artist wants to create an NFT, they can ask for help in the NFT minting process from the Coding community and even team-up with like-minded folks.

It becomes an informal meeting place to discuss passion projects and meet new people.

And it might even lead to totally new folks stumbling upon this forum through search engines and discovering Mars Colony.

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