So, Who's the Core Team?

Many of you have been wondering who we are.

We’re explorers. Planet-shapers. Just like you.

@eugenefinch — Chief of Product

This is the man that makes everything happen. Everything.

@MEMOLOGICAL_EXPEDITI (Dima) — Chief Technology Officer

The Technician™, the dev that does it all.

@father — Father

The Source, Guiding Light, progenitor of all. Not really. We just use his brain for ideas and his smiles to melt the ice around our hearts.

@brother — Me, brother, “Jeus”

I’m you. I’m here to talk about Mars, to colonize Mars, and to make this world just a little bit better.

@Lyagushka (Ivan) — Product Manager

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If it is broke, give it to Ivan. This man makes things work.

Rey — Bizdev Lead

What’s it take to run a business? Ask her.

@nikita_live91 — Parnerships

The man that makes two deals at once, and the reason Mars Colony will expand infinitely (forward).

Karina — UX Design

If you can use it, thank Karina.

Ilya — Lead front-end engineer

The bridge between the internet and your brain.

Woolly (contractual) — Design

Avatars, anyone?

Mike — Head of 3D Design

Every time one of you thinks, “holy shit that looks awesome” when we show you sneak peeks, Mike glows. He’s been glowing for weeks straight.

Nadia — Gameplay Strategist

The reason things just got interesting.

And there you have it! We’ve worked with a few others on a contract basis, and we’re hiring! Expect to see more devs, designers, and marketers joining soon.


Great to meet the team! Thanks for sharing!


nice to meet you all :smiley:


This little post gives me a great amount of mental stability!


It’s nice to meet you all team :blush:


its a great pleasure to know all of you - amazing good job.