[Suggestion] Create incentivized pools on exchanges like ViperSwap and DeFi Kingdoms

Hello everyone,

First of all, congratulations team and the community for the amazing kick-off we had. It has been mind blowing how fast we are growing.

This growth though adds the need for more liquidity on exchanges. And one that is not provided just by the team. We need, as a community to decentralize this process and create a sustainable trading environment where people can sell and buy with the minimum possible impact on the price.

This of course requires a great amount of liquidity, the only way to start building that is to create incentivized pools. The optimal solution is already on the roadmap and is we having our own DEX where liquidity providers get rewarded with CLNY to pair CLNY with ONE, and possibly other pairs to make the whole things more effective. This will of course require work from the team which I understand are probably already pushing hard to meet the overwhelming success of the project. Maybe this is not hard, because in fact the best approach here is just to fork a one of the existing DEXs, like ViperSwap, which is a fast process and just give it a new look to match the Mars theme.

If the team though, believes this is not feasible in the near future, meaning next weeks where we will very likely continue to grow I believe another option should be considered in the short term.

That is, provide liquidity on a external DEX created by either on ViperSwap or DeFi Kingdoms, maybe since we still have a low supply it’s important to focus on one, therefore we could go for DeFi Kingdoms being the biggest exchange. Users would of course be rewarded as usual with JEWEL on a JEWEL<>CLNY pool and would therefore be incentivized in providing liquidity over time. Part of their rewards from the land plots and so on could help a lot with this so we would create a good foundation that is not reliant on the team current funds.

I had suggested this on Discord already but felt like this is a more proper place to make these suggestions as I see this as a topic of a greater priority than adding game features to the app.

Can you please evaluate this what is the best approach and which of the two options is more feasible for the development team in the near future?

Thank you or your attention and keep doing the amazing work you have been doing!


Frelsi, thank you, we know how active you are on Discord and that your thoughts are correct. Now we are solving this issue.


Love this, think ViperSwap is an excellent choice to start with and much easier to get listed than DFK at the moment.

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